Obsessed Fans vs Jeffrey Dean Morgan – A Dose of Buckley

Buckley takes another shot at the absurdity of celebrity worship, discussing the recent issues Jeffrey Dean Morgan has had with people coming for an …


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Obsessed Fans vs Jeffrey Dean Morgan – A Dose of Buckley

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  1. I freakin hate psycho fans! It’s parts like them fandoms have a bad name! Like stop being creepy to the actors! I’ve met a few voice actors and I don’t stalk them! If I did stalk them I wouldn’t be here typing this! Anyway…STOP BEING CREEPY TO ACTORS! 😡

  2. It gets worse when the crazies start hiding in the bushes until early morning then break into the house and steal shit (not speaking from experience. It happened to a favorite band of mine years ago)

  3. I haven't seen any of your videos in my recommend, I don't know why, I have subscribed and liked your videos, but not a single one for months…. Weird

  4. Personally, I think tweeting celebrities or famous people a waste of time. I mean what are the chances of you actually getting a response from the exact person. I mean celebrities have assistants to help them manage their life and tedious tasks that they don't have time for. They even help signed books, manage the profiles and so on. If a fan gets a response it actually isn't from Ariana it's probably her assistant or maybe copy and paste.

  5. I really don't get this celebrity worship nonsense. Odds are you probably don't even like the actual person, just the character they play after they've spent a couple hours in costume and makeup. Or their music after it's been auto tuned or whatever. There just a regular person, only worse, because now they are rich and most likely arrogant.

  6. One day my parents and I were walking around downtown toronto here. We saw who we thought was Adam Sandler, and he quietly said "Hey how ya doin?" We said we're good and asked how he was and he told us he was walking around with his wife and daughter (he and his wife were wearing baseball caps and sunglasses) and it was obvious he wanted to keep things quiet. So we just shook his hand like a friend on the street and let him go.
    Anyway, moral of my rant is don't bother celebrities whenever you see them

  7. Can someone please tell me if there’s even any kind of genre, artist, or even song Buckley likes? I feel like watching these videos he hates every single piece of music that’s out there.

  8. Hey,Buckley! What's your address? I'm going to organize a bus trip from SoCal to the Great White North and thought I could charge extra if we could have coffee with you at Times Horton's. Thanks.

  9. several youtubers I watch have had to say to their fans "please don't come to our house," especially after the whole team 10 house thing. Just because you're a fan of someone doesn't make you entitled to intrude on their private lives.

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