MY SUBSCRIBERS PICKED MY MAKEUP|| Hooded Eye Tips w/ Bright Lips

You guys got the chance to pick my makeup and this was one of the most fun videos to create!! On instagram you guys picked out this super neutral and natural …


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MY SUBSCRIBERS PICKED MY MAKEUP|| Hooded Eye Tips w/ Bright Lips

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  1. Elle, I really need your guidance. This is off topic from your video though, I hope that's ok. I am 62 years old, and thanks to your expertise I have purchased Marula Oil and Rose hip oil from The Ordinary. I also purchased Cacay oil, and have been using Maelove glow maker (which I use am and pm). I'm just very confused as to which oils to use when and in what order, included my serums. I've figured that the marula and cacay should be used at night since they are fairly oily, but should I use both on the same night? What about the rose hip? Is there anything else I should be using? I am combo, mostly dry. Can you help me? I would be so thrilled if you could advise me. Thank you!!

  2. Gorgeous look, Elle. Jcat Beauty makes a similar lipstick called apple peach ( has a slight shimmer). It has been my go to lip color this summer!
    Looks like we need a 70k subscriber party. You deserve so much success, Elle!!!

  3. Is the Kevin Aucoin neo setting powder finely milled enough for someone in their 50's to use? I'm intrigued ever since I saw you talk about it in one of your videos. I loved Kevin Aucoin!

  4. I would love to see a makeup artist do a series on for instance , one video just addressing the dos and don'ts for one particular eye shape , both younger and older eyes with the shape and different eye looks, from basic to very smokey. Point, I have wondered how smokey of an eye on a mature eye without too many wrinkles and the big ?? how do you determine your eye shape and if too close or too far apart.
    In this same line of how to, doing face makeup placement on different face shapes .
    So basically knowing about your canvas, your face and eyes and skin type so you know what issues to address. I have never seen anyone address one specific shape and then show different looks to enhance a specific shape. That would make a great series for eyes, face and skin so basic but so important to know and very important, doing this addressing different age groups.
    Just a thought. If anyone knows if this has been done pls share or if an excellent reference source available, book, etc. Excuse any errors new phone and hate the keyboard:) Thanks

  5. Watching you do your liner makes me jealous. I know women would kill for my lashes, but I can't do a liner well because they are too long/curled. Pencils are my typical (and tightlining, that I learned from you and others!), but they go dull so quick. I've been trying liquid liners but they just drag against my lashes and doesn't create a smooth line. Oh well, tightlining it is!

  6. You look totally amazing. Your techniques and the results you get are over the top beautiful. Of course you are beautiful before you start. I wonder if other women without your skills or skin or face structure could ever achieve the results you achieve. Your look is stunning and gorgeous. Your camera is out of this world.

  7. Sending 70,000 ❌⭕️❣️

    🌸🌼🌷You look so pretty with the bold lip. I get stuck in my nudes. When I see it on someone else, I love it.🌷🌼🌸 Fun video! I’d love to see it in your rotation. 🌻

  8. This look turned out gorgeous! I really like that eyeshadow palette — very pretty colors! That lip color looks great on you!

    This was a fun idea. Love to see you do it again!

    Congrats on the 70K!!!!!

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