My Makeup Bag Spill – Nadine Baggott

I had a Twitter chat with a few of you on friday discussing how much our makeup bags were worth – and it was fascinating. The national average is £110, which is not that much, and inspired…


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My Makeup Bag Spill – Nadine Baggott

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  1. Wish I had your surname growing up! My maiden name is Wellard- Farrell grow up in the 90s with that surname! 🤣🤣 especially after a certain dog was named that! I made my teachers to drop the Wellard!!! Back to make up £270! Skin care £410 😱😱😱but most gets bought once a year, birthdays and Xmas. I'm not into fashion that much but haircare, skin care are my everything! 🤣 thanks Nadine, love your channel xx

  2. Am binge watching your channel Nadine and loving them to bits😘😘 Like you I am a makeup junkie but still have my stash of tried and true products, would love to see a 2017 update on your makeup bag as there has been a slew of new products and technology re formulations, hugs from a sunny ANZAC day here in New Zealand, Lest We Forget🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿😎😎

  3. I am a devotee of Paula's Choice products and I was so excited in your video to see that they do a good face powder with sunscreen. But when I went to the site to find it it said nothing about SPF. Perhaps they have discontinued. Damn!

  4. Hi Nadine! Do you wet your shadow when applying as an eyeliner? That color would be good for me with green eyes. I really like the look of your makeup. Thanks for sharing your bag.

  5. Thanks for sharing that tip about the lip liner due to cold sores. Never heard anyone talking about how they deal with them during and after and that was nice to hear. I just found your channel through Sam of Pixiwoo and I'm loving your videos. Thanks.

  6. Hi Nadine,
    What do you think about Paulas Choice Products?
    I have used her products in the past and I found it to be excellent.
    Since, I developed a mild Rosascea, I only use and love QV cream, Cetaphil cleanser, L'Oréal La Magique Foundation.
    I don't get redness or irritation from these products. I love your informative chanel.

  7. I am Natural Beige (Laura M's mineral) but I love Bamboo Beige, in winter I mix the two = Always end up mixing something!!!
    I am going to go through this vid again asap because it has so much content in the way of tips that I need to take notes – I may not use the same products but I can surely adapt those I do use !!!
    Absolutely loved every minute ….thank you very much.
    PS. I wonder if your family have any connection with the famous Baggott Goats ? I Love goats & these are a very distinctive breed !

  8. hi Nadine, i follow you from spain and i enjoy very much with your videos, you are fantastic! i always use bareminerals original foundation in light shade, but i would like to try laura mercier, like you. could you advise me which is the correspondent colour?
    thank you very much and excuse me because my english is very bad.

  9. Hi Nadine,

    I have just bought myself the By Terry light-expert click brush (brilliant, quick to use and great on the move), By Terry Touche Veloutee concealer and her Touche Expert advance highlighter.

    Mascara wise I like L'Oreal Miss Manga (pink top). The ultimate is Guerlain's mascara (black tube with gold strip). When I use this, people comment on my lashes.

    Shelley x

  10. Love this… my fav topic..hahahah. In my bag is Murad oil control moisturiser, Bobby Brown Hydrating eye cream. Laura Mercier mineral powder foundation (thanks to yours truly) if I fancy some liquid its MAC studio fluid and Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder loose. Mac Pro longwear concealer. Becca under eye brightener (amazing). Laura Mercier brightening powder. The Balm Bahama Mama bronzer. Mac Paint pot soft ochre (stops creasing, also works used under your eyes)  Freedom Pro Strobe Palette (I use for eye shadow) and Freedom Pro Blush Pal Peach And Baked (Both Superdrug, cheap as chips but brill) The Balm Fratboy powder blush. I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Goddess of Love Highlighter (so cheep but so nice) Silk Fibre brow enhancer (Boots) Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel (identical to Benefit Gimme brow but costs £2.50. Rimmel Kate Moss nude lipstick 42 or Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss in rose and shine and a spray of Urban Decay all nighter. phew…… I missed the adding up part, don't think I want to know….lol xx

  11. I've managed to drip quite a lot of make up into my bag. A girl needs choice, plus as the seasons change your foundation and colours generally change too. Who can put a price on confidence 💄

  12. I'm impressed! I really need to stop spending so much money on makeup, and just stick to what works. The LM mineral powder foundation looks lovely on you, wish I could use it, but I'm always afraid it will not suite my over 50 dry/combination skin and the girls at the LM counter always discourage me from trying it. Love the video!

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