My Makeup Artist Shares Her Best Tips!

Have makeup questions you need answered? We brought in makeup artist Nikki La Rose to answer some questions YOU asked on Susan Yara’s social media. Watch this video to learn how to find the…


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My Makeup Artist Shares Her Best Tips!

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  1. tell me if this is a hard one, I would love to know what's the best type of makeup for very oily acne prone skin with scars , to wear in the summer time. that's like a double or triple small in the face. oily skin, AND sweaty skin, AND bad blemishes bumpy, red , and dark spotted skin?

  2. I need a new concealer and this is so timely! Thank you for this video. I have a MAC store at the mall and I will go ask them to try it out. I have light (very pale) olive skin. I don't have pink skin-it's olive toned. Weird I know. A lot of light foundations have pink tones to them and I don't need that.

  3. I have that Mac concealer and I think it's one of my thicker eye concealers and it always creases on me even if I sheer it out w a damp beauty blender as well as set it w powder

  4. How can you tell which foundations are going to oxidize? They look great in the store and an hour later it's a totally different color and I'm orange! The last 3 that I bought were all magical color changing foundations and I don't know if it's my skin or the products. Can you please help??? 💙💙

  5. Has anyone tried Oxygenetix foundation? I'm looking for a med. cov. foundation for sensitive combo to dry skin that barely oxidize or turn grayish/yellow/orange tones that may last at least 8 hrs. I would like a tiny sheen or glow that dries like a semi/demi matte and satin finish. I need help for sensitive skin. Thanks.

  6. Really? You have a makeup artist get you ready? That is kinda sad. Why look for advice from someone regarding makeup when what you are seeing on them was done by someone else

  7. Great video. I remember few months ago this sales lady in Macy's told me I should match my foundation with my hand color… that's when I decided not to buy from her… I rather go with my own gut feeling, that give me a better match than her recommendation!

  8. Great video! I still think people struggle to differentiate between bronzer & contour shades & end up much more sparkly than intended! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  9. Hi mam mn asmara…meri skin tone gandumi ha mn job krti hun plz mujhe recommend kree meri face look pretty lage mjuhe koi foundation ya base batain summer k lehaz se. jo sute kre

  10. one thing I don't understand about bronzers is that is it only used to make you look darker? I am super fair and I do not want my skin to look darker but then should I apply bronzer at all? I often see people using bronzer as contour or on top on contour which makes no sense, why is that?

  11. What I find interesting is that even though I have (some friends call it calico) a red/brown beard, when I shave, it provides a blue tint. So to correct it… I have to apply orange. Which is the color of my beard. Color theory is weird.

  12. Thank you so much for answering my question. Very helpful! I'm using a thick tube concealer and primer… going out to get the concealer and powder you recommend asap! -Bre Bradley

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