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My Everyday Makeup Brushes | MsGoldgirl

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  1. MAC didn't discontinue the 239 exactly…But they are all now synthetic, and they did this a few months ago so any that you have bought in the last 2 months or so are going to be synthetic instead of goat hair. I personally haven't bought any but have watched a few reviews and I don't hear great things….it's kinda sad because their brushes were iconic!

    Also if you use the bar soap (or liquid, I just like the bar for brushes) of Dr Bronners castile soap you can skip the alcohol because it literally disinfects your brushes as well as leaving them super soft. 🙂

  2. I use the bdellium tools brush cleaner and its awesome. Its a solid soap like your beauty blender one but it comes in a cute little silver tin and inside the lid is the bumpy pad to rub the brushes on. I love it! I bought the blue scented one (ocean something??) but they have a yellow one too. I bought mine on Amazon. Thanks for the video!!!

  3. Love this video! We both love IT brushes and neither one of us can say “wand”, lol! I couldn’t say “Wand” ball powder brush in the video I posted today. I have some new brushes i now want to get!!

  4. Just catching this video and thank you for the valuable info and tips! You look fabulous in this video and love your earrings! A while back I asked you where/how do you store all your fringe earrings…I would still like to know as every time I see your earrings, I go out and buy more!!!

  5. I don’t know if you are doing anything differently with your hair or makeup, but you look exceptionally beautiful! I love brushes; I can’t get enough, I really want some Wayne Goss brushes!

  6. I use Dial soap, the bar, to cleanse my brushes. It removes every bit of makeup including my the deep down makeup in sponges. I have been doing this for years and have never ruined a brush. It is inexpensive, removes bacteria, and works like magic.

  7. I really want to try Sigma brushes. My question is how do you store your dual-ended brushes? I have a couple, and it drives me crazy because I can't place them in the containers where I stand all my other brushes. Ideas? Thanks!

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