My Designer Bag Collection & My NEW Purchase | The Anna Edit

The one where I let you in on why I sold two of my bags, my new purchase, my current handbag collection and the pros and cons of each. If you fancy a read, including my new BRIGHTON CITY GUIDE…


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My Designer Bag Collection & My NEW Purchase | The Anna Edit

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  1. You are so real, Anna. I giggled when you called yourself a dickhead for buying the WOC when you visited the Chanel gardens. But honestly kudos to you for marking the trip with this purchase. Chanel keep increasing their prices by $200. Aren’t you glad you are a simple gal who sticks to classics?

  2. i sworn id never get a puzzle bag when i first saw it on the streets! yet when i see it in her video it strannnngely grew on me!!! she makes the bag look and feeel awesome, not tacky and weird at all 😀 this one s gonna go on a wish list hehe

  3. Hi Anna! I'd love to hear about how you take care of your bags… Is cleaning the same process as for leather shoes? I probably have far too little patience and am too rough with my bags to own such beautiful pieces, but I still have a leather bag I love and I would like to "make it last" ^^

  4. Never worry about having a Chanel bag in your collection, every single one holds its value, you’ll always sell it for a bigger price than you bought it, especially the classic styles like yours (although yes, you’ll be the coolest grandma if you pass it on lol)

  5. Hello Anna, I like your authenticity and you and Emma Hill are the only ones I trust. Thank you for the very informative video! You so deserve all the awards there are in your category❤️💛😀😍😘💕🤗 I never understand the success for the Faye?? I personally prefer non-leather bags and Stella McCartney are sooooo beautifully made. Have a great week and do not forget that we are all in love friendship for youxxxx

  6. Thank you for the video. Would you be able to film a version of the Guide to Brighton in a series of videos for YouTube? That is something which I think many would enjoy. I really like your bags. I feel that you were a little hard on yourself about the WOC. You worked for the money! You really earned it. You did not rob widows and orphans to pay for it, so enjoy the bag and there is no need for guilt! Have a lovely week!

  7. I love and appreciate your dedication to listing EVERYTHING in your info box. A lot of other people have fallen off on doing it but I love that I can count on opening it and seeing what you're wearing for eyeshadow or on your lips!

  8. I absolutely hate logos!  I don't buy any item of clothing or accessory  that has one – to me it is so crass (I know – harsh!). I don't want anyone else's name on anything I own. Makes it a little hard to shop – but …..  I am currently using a crossbody bag from Target, and I can't tell you how many times I have been asked if it is a Chloe!!!

  9. The 'blush' pink version of the Puzzle bag is killlllling me! What a bag! I know you spoke about buying responsibly; but I think I may need to max out a credit card or two so I can have it haha!

  10. I love watching these videos because I'm not at all a bag person (I own three, not designer, and they were all gifts ), so I don't feel like it's risky to watch them. I can just enjoy the content without the impulse to buy!

  11. I never use those attachable pouches for valuable things, because I feel like that's the first thing pick-pocketers will go for. It's especially easy with that leather strap, to pull things out and just cut the strap. So I use that for tampons or tissues and things like that. I put my more valuable things in a bigger bag-in-bag, that's more difficult to get out. It's about the size of the bag and with a zipper.

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