Murray Gell-Mann: Beauty and truth in physics

Armed with a sense of humor and laypeople’s terms, Nobel winner Murray Gell-Mann drops some knowledge on TEDsters about particle physics, asking questions like, Are elegant…


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Murray Gell-Mann: Beauty and truth in physics

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  1. He has a false concept of the supernatural. The natural does merge from the supernatural, God is not the ground of being, We do not need need God as a postulate God is not a thing, not a force. As for the “the accidents, or events he keeps talking about, what do believers think miracle to be but “accidents”, inexplicable as by chance. But in connections with our lives, signposts. An intuition not different in kind from Newton’s intuition following the fall of the apple from the Tree. A revelation. The central act of the central; faith, the Resurrection, was from the perspective of the apostles an “accident,” as improbable to them, as it would be to me for my mother were now to appear at the door at my house.

  2. this so-called rule of self-assembly by random accidences is such a disease of human thinking. the talk was going so well then you skewed up royally. if you did your own research on that one you would stop believing in those mythical tales.

  3. If you don't need something more to explain something more that you will necessarily need something more to explain the something less so you are right back where you started. People believe in God when they get tired of chasing their tail.

  4. 哲学是人们以前寻找真理的主要武器,但现在它显得如此无力,并不是他落后了,而是现在的物理尤其理论物理已经成为替代它的更好的武器,现在的物理是寻找一切真相的钥匙!理论物理有个好处,不用记大量定律进行大量实验,但要求对整个物理学现状有清晰的认识。霍金就是理论物理学家。

  5. 'You don't need something more to explain something more'- Didn't get that…I mean, after all, although the Coulomb's Law and the Gravitational equation are pretty similar, they are operating on different levels, right? That's why electrons don't behave like planets. I feel a little lost here.

  6. The important thing to note in presentation is the realization of the idea that we can and will never be able to have ToE. Bcoz ToE includes both Fundamental Law and Outcome of possible chance events. Even if we completely figure out the Fundamental Law and unify all the fundamental interactions of nature, say standard model is completed, we still will be utterly helpless about outcome of possible chance events coz it essentially means to work upon infinite number of equations and is impossible thing to do. Nature is so complex that we as human beings struggle to understand its reality. Although we should feel happy even to get to know the the things which we have understood uptill now. 🙂

  7. Why do intelligent people come to lazy conclusions? JUST BECAUSE YOU DONT FEEL YOU NEED SOMETHING MORE DOES NOT MEAN SOMETHING MORE INSNT THERE. Scientists of all walks who have stumbled upon this YouTube corner, please write this "RULE" down under common sense. And why is Gell-Mann so eager to S T O P understanding because the "DONT NEED TO"  card is thrown. That fucker better believe he was created is all I am wanting to yell at him. Sorry for cursing.

  8. Not true. So-called general "theory" is invalid if the special "theory" is not valid. Instead of attempting to advocate the travesty of science called Einstein's "theory" of relativity, be proactive in removing said "theory" from physics so that further damage to science and society be avoided. Anyone who continues to advocate Einstein's "theory" of relativity after the conclusive arguments given (mhG3R66wFpg) is not only demonstrating great intellectual laxity but is intellectual crime.

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