Men’s Fashion Advice Shoes – Men’s Dress Shoes

When it comes to men’s fashion dress shoes are always an important part of a man’s outfit. Because of this we headed out to Rossini’s Menswear and Formalwear in Modesto, California to talk…


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Men’s Fashion Advice Shoes – Men’s Dress Shoes

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  1. Is it cavann or is he pronouncing the name Kevin in this way? I bet he's a great chap either way. As a salesman, he could probably convince you to swap your wife into a used pair of Italian dress shoes, and make it convincing enough of a transaction for it to suffice.

  2. I would really be appreciative of such a good store where I live, but this isn’t the best shoe advice by a stretch. To be fair, there is so much more to cover on the topic, and it’s wuite difficult for a clothing store to also be a great source for shoes as well. The sheer amount of space it takes up is quite a burden on it’s own.

  3. Having just watched his video on suits, in which he explained the importance of construction rather than picking by brand, I'm disappointed to see the complete opposite here.

    The video really could do with going into shoe construction and styles rather than discussing brands and bollocking on about some bloke who quit Nike to set up a shoe firm.

    For example; Glued vs Blake Stitch vs Goodyear Welted.

    Leather vs synthetic sole

    Oxfords, Derbies, loafers, Chelsea's, Chukkas and appropriate occasions/levels of formality.

    Broguing, and the blind, quarter, semi, wingtip etc.

    I appreciate this is basically an advert for the store, but you advertise yourselves as experts. Show it!

    Hopefully more good stuff soon.

  4. Sounds to me like poor quality at rip off prices. Honestly $500 to $700 for shoes with a rubber sole? They may well be comfortable to wear, but you will have awful sweat problems. Why do you think all expensive shoes have leather soles?

  5. really looking forward to meet u at ur store.i live in San Jose and I have bought like 4 blazers thinking they were good quality because there were expensive, but after watching ur other video,I I want to visit ur store and spend some cash on a nice good quality blazer or sport coat, keep up the videos.u have brought some of us out of the dark.

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