MAKEUP ON MY MOM! + Tips and Tricks

WATCH IN HD | Hi! Thank you so much for clicking and watching!I’ve gotten a ton of requests for a “makeup over 40” look, so I hope you get some good info …


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MAKEUP ON MY MOM! + Tips and Tricks

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  1. Angie looks fabulous. did a fantastic job!! I don't think the lashes were over the top at all…now I have to go get me some!! Definitely impressed with her knowledge of makeup..I'm going to have to study up..lolol.
    I cracked up over Susan…I'm pretty sure her untimely demise was featured in Tammy's house tour video…poor Susan…lmbo!!

  2. Love love love! Your mom is darling and you two are so sweet together. I am nearing the top of my 40s so I really appreciate tips and tutorials for mature skin. Can’t wait to try that concealer 🙌🏽

  3. 😆🤣 DUFF is from charm city cakes in Baltimore Maryland. I think the other cake boss he’s from New Jersey. Fakin DAFF!

    Your mom is beautiful & an amazing mom I can tell ❤️🌞

  4. Buddy is the cake boss’s name! I also relate to the guy calling you old. When I was 19 I had a guy tell me that it was nice talking to someone older and mature and I asked how old he thought I was and apparently I looked 32 lol

  5. OMG I love Rawbeautykristi too👌😁But I also love you too, so lucky me to have found you both hahaha!!!!!! You and your mom are so sweet together, I'm envious and you're both beautiful ❤❤

  6. Your momzy is gorgeous! And you look a lot like her, you're beautiful too! I really enjoyed this video the interaction between you two is beautiful. And I believe the Cake Boss is Mike Duff. And my niece actually got to meet him and work on a cake with him😁 when she was externing in Naples Florida. I love you videos and you do beautiful work! ❤ I hope you're enjoying your 4th of July🇺🇸 💥💗💗 from Illinois!

  7. Jaime! I loved this video! I'm in my late 40's & was hoping that you would do a tutorial for someone more my age. You're mom is gorgeous without & with makeup! Thank you ladies for all the tips & tricks! I'll definitely be looking into ya'll's recommendations. 😍💖💖💖

  8. I love all of your videos! We would definitely be friends in real life! I have looked through all of your videos looking for a false eyelash tutorial and didnt find one…could you do one?

  9. Yall are so adorable together! Can you do more videos with your mom? The finished look is so pretty. Thank you for all the tips(: Keep up the good work!

  10. I couldn't wait to watch this cause I love your channel so much. You and your mom look so much alike. Protractor brows, lmao.
    Will you be doing a review and tutorial on the Urban Decay Born To Run palette? I just bought it today and can't wait to play with it but I just love your tutorials and reviews.
    "They don't see your big wand comin' at them" the look on your face, I died!

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