Makeup for Hooded Droopy Eyes + OOTD

Learn how to instantly fix your hooded, droopy eyes with makeup. Tips and tricks for applying eyeshadow to mature, crepey skin using all inexpensive drugstore …


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Makeup for Hooded Droopy Eyes + OOTD

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  1. Thanks for the video! You actually have very similar eyelids to me, it gets kind of disheartening looking for hooded eye tutorials and tips, and you get to the video and they don't really have hooded eyes at all. Do you have a winged eyeliner video? It's so hard because of the skin folding over😤

  2. great video Angie ! I have similar eyes. have you ever tried Laura Mercier tightly new with the flat liner brush. one of my long time faves because it doesn't move or irritate on my deepset hooded eyes.

  3. I just came across your video while researching the bilateral plepharoplasty that I have been thinking about getting done for vision improvement. I have never been a "girly-girl," and have never given much thought to makeup until the last few years. I was totally astonished by how much of your looks can be changed by learning what kind of makeup to use and how to apply it (thanks to you!). I will be viewing many more of your videos in hopes to improve my looks. Thanks!

  4. I loved this look. Forgive me for typos my eyes are having some kind of issue. I can't read the description but did you list the style name of the hinge boots? I'd really love to get those. Thanks

  5. Hi Angie HotandFlashy, you look great !! Love the eye shadow tips! I was wondering where did you get your necklace in this video? Love it!! Super cute!

  6. Fantastic tutorial. I wonder how I've missed this one? I'm going to need so much practice with this look but it's amazing the difference it makes to a hooded eye. Thank you!

  7. Love your look. I'm 42 and have a similar face shape and hooded eyes like you. You give me some hope since putting on makeup can be very frustrating with the hooded eyes. I am still trying to learn how to apply eyeliner to upper water line. It does make a difference though. Love all your videos.

  8. Great tutorial and I loved the tip of starting in the middle of the eye with the shadow when making the arch. It's never too dark close in and works well for me.
    You are such a pretty woman…and thanks!

  9. I do have to say that lining the water line, truly makes a difference in the look (in a good way).  I wish I could do that but, having had cataract surgeries, I'm not supposed to do this.  Can you suggest another way to give the eyes as deep a look as the water lining, without having to water line?  Thank you.  Love your videos! 

  10. Wow, great look and good instructional video! Only thing I don't like is dark line on lower water line. Makes your eyes look smaller. Just my opinion. It's amazing how it takes care of the hooded eye look!

  11. Thanks for uploading this Angie, hooded eyelids are the bain of my life! Will start practicing makeup techniques this weekend. Would it be possible for you to make another haircare video? You have amazing hair and I am really curious to know what products you use and how you manage to keep it in such great condition. Bye the way hope you don't mind me asking but did you used to be a fashion model,you definitely have the height and looks?

  12. Im so happy I found you! My mom has been struggling with her "hooded" or "aged" eyelids and this makes it much easier! she gets so frustrated buying makeup that she just barely wears any now! Will definitely sub and get my mom to!

  13. Thanks! I've been applying my eyeshadow wrong! Meaning, while I was doing all the steps kind of right I was applying shadow only in the crease (not extending higher) so when I was done I actually looked older. The sagginess of my eyelid was actually being accentuated. I can't wait to try it as you told us!

  14. I haven't been able to find the NYX "Let them eat Cake" palette in a local store. Do you know if they discontinued it?? I've rally been enjoying your channel…thank you so much!

  15. I love this color palette and technique. I have been doing a similar look using gold and browns which is also really nice. Like always, thanks for the great tips Angie!

  16. Such a pretty look! I'm now wanting to get Inked in Pink. Was going to pass cuz I didn't want to look sick. But it is gorgeous on you! Thanks for this tutorial!

  17. Thanks for this tutorial…. While I don't use the same colors the application tips made doing my eye makeup much faster.  I wasn't going up as close to my brows as you suggested and the minute I did that my eyes looks less hooded.  I subscribed to your channel because I want to go thru and look at the old videos as well as keeo up on any new ones you  post

  18. Fab video. Love the eye makeup. I want to try and get it. I love the mascara. Its the best and it doesn't flake off. I normally don't wear it because it either flakes if gives me raccoon eyes but the butterfly mascara is awsome. Love your tutorials. Finally its nice to see someone in my age group showing these. Im turning 50 in may. I love doing my eyes and i have the hooded eyes so it nice to see the different ways if doing eyeshadow on hooded eyes. Thankyou and can't wait to see more tutorials

  19. I am loving your videos, they are exactly what I needed. I love how you show before and after, it really shows the difference and you demonstrate each step so well. Thank you! 

  20. I like the technique…I have been using meaningful beauty eye treatment..It does help with the droopy eye lids. I need more rest and less stress as well.  Keep up the tips     

  21. You are holding up unusually well what ever you are doing ;- )   What about multifocal contact lenses to see what you are doing when  you apply makeup, or the kind of glasses where you can lift up each glass individually for left / right eye?

  22. the makeup is lovely and I am so glad you can find makeup at the drugstore that works for you! second; are you going to do a video on the room décor? it'sso nice looking. finally; if you can shop at American eagle…you are skinny and doing great! I can't fit their clothes at all…..(body type)

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