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lifeofwengie 演化 整形外科 [WENGIE PLASTIC SURGERY]

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  1. hey you shouldnt comment on other people's decicions. it's her choice if she wants to do that and she has the rights. she probably just did that for some other reason!!! and wengie would never do such thing just for money!!!!

  2. 我觉得每个女孩都很爱美,可能她也可能想变漂亮才去整容的。我们也不能怪她,有时候我们女孩也会觉得自己很丑,才会有想整容的念头。可是我们也不能这样一直说她。我们得体谅她因为他可能觉得很辛苦或很压力。所以这不是完全她的错。

  3. I don't think she's being a bad role model at all. If it is true that she had plastic surgery and other girls want to do it, why is it bad? Because they want to be pretty? Its true that we should be teaching our kids the importance of inner beauty, but lets be honest… life isn't fair and the people who are nice AND beautiful has much more advantage over life in general than the average person. The majority of girls I know wear makeup… isn't that the same thing? She has a very cute image, and that's much better than celebs who post naked pictures of themselves like Kim Kardashian, when they have millions of young followers…

  4. What is so bad about plastic surgery? How is it an addiction? So what if she had plastic surgery…? If someone has plastic surgery and if they don't state it to the world, its not considered lying. You needa chill.

  5. So many Chinese/East Asian people get plastic surgery in Korea these days to look like Korean drama actresses/actors. Especially the v-line and the aegyo sal or eye bags

  6. i think people who take surgery or do lots of make up are people who do not like themselves the way they are. They wish to look better and never appreciated their own look. You are beautiful just the way you are

  7. Guys it can also be that after she went in for plastic surgery but then she realise it is not good for health,so she eats so much healthy and that's why she says to us that " be yourself so that when we guys grow up we don't the mistake as she did

  8. people, Wengie has her own opinions. Lots of people want plastic surgery and its fine! Its their decision! And, stop talking trash about her, I love her and even if she got plastic surgery, you guys might not think shes beautiful on the outside but on the inside, its pure kindness <3

  9. My opinion, I would never get surgery for beauty but, it's her f-ing life! She is a grown woman! If it makes her happy then good for her! As long as people don't get crazy with then everything is fine!

  10. Who said you can make this video.You will obviously are going to mislead someone a fan of Wengie into asking a lot of rude question,and if someone going to say who said you can comment about same goes to you if reply to me.NO HATING ZONE,Its my opinion though 😀

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