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  1. Nikkia, you have given me such great advice when it comes to my super oily skin. So many beauty youtubers have dry skin, and i have started watching your videos waaaayyyy more than theirs because I feel that their advice can't apply to me. However, I still feel like an oily freak. I have tried hourglass mineral veil with urban decay all nighter foundation, then set with Laura mercier translucent setting powder. Then I use the urban decay de-slick setting spray. AND… I literally get oily in an hour. My makeup is breaking up completely five hours after, despite following your touch up routine (blotting papers–like four an hour–dirty beauty sponge, translucent powder, etc…) which helped a lot for sure, but I almost just want to give up on foundation completely. It only looks good for an hour. I'm so discouraged. And I'm FORTY. I thought I was supposed to dry out by now. I'm sad. I just want my makeup to stay pretty but I end up looking like a dirt bag by the end of the day. Oily skin is so frustrating. I'm supposed to get the Gerard cosmetics setting spray tomorrow, but I'm losing hope 😔

  2. I used to use coconut oil, but I didn't like how the oil 'sat' on top of my skin and took so long to absorb in.
    I found something EVEN better (and I am super oily) is tallow. It's essentially animal fat (lard) and it penetrates in a lot better instead of sitting ontop of the skin. It's the only thing that keeps my skin dewy/hydrated feeling and NOT oily. It also has the same cellular structure like our own skin, so it also repairs any skin damage.

  3. Coconut oil – People will say 1000 times over how coconut oil will clogged their pores. Not True at least not for everybody..a good food grade, unrefined, cold pressed, coconut oil COMPLETELY LIQUEFIES at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The Average human body temperature is 98.6 degrees -/+. Coconut oil CAN'T permanently solidify and clog human pores. It also has anti-microbial properties.

    I actually UNCLOG my pores and heal my acne with an 'Oil Pulling' Method (I slather-pull-repeat). People have been using what is called 'Oil Pulling' for gum infections for years,,,,so i decided to try it on my face. It really works for me.

    Nikkia Joy mentioned using coconut oil to help reduce oil. It DOES seem to do a weird ph re-balancing thing after it completely absorbs and makes my skin less oily too.

    It WILL clog your drains if you do not use WARM ENOUGH water when you wash it off.

    Thank you for the awesome tips Nikkia Joy.

  4. Thank u so much for sharing your amazing thoughts/experiences/products for oily skin! Such a great help. Keep it up girl! I just found out your wonderful videos regarding oily skin (to think that this was uploaded last year) and I was like singing the Rihanna song…. "where have u been all my laaaife" seriously, I've spent most of my time on youtube watching make-up videos but haven't encountered your videos not until this very moment! You're the one I've been searching for! Thank goodness I found you!!!

  5. Estée Lauder double wear…best foundation I've ever used (that just so happens to be for oily skin), which I absolutely have! I also did the "skip the moisturizer to avoid adding more oil" thing, too. Lol. Oops. I totally can relate to all this. I also recently learned that you can get dandruff from an OILY scalp, as opposed to dry scalp! Mind blown….I had no idea. It makes a lot more sense now. Why would I have an oily face and dry scalp? 🙈 Duh. Lol. I always use coconut oil on my body for super deep moisturizing at night and in my hair to make it super soft and shiny (I comb it through my hair with my fingers then pull it into a bun and sleep on it. I have super long and thick hair, so it needs the time overnight but doesn't make any mess on my pillow with it pulled up in a bun), but I never have tried to put it on my face in fear that it would cause acne breakouts. I'm 27 and still get acne and clogged pores from oily skin! I finally found a daily skin care routine that works well for me that also happens to be very inexpensive. It took many years of trial and error, but I finally got it right. Lol.

  6. Bonus blotting paper hack- DONT BUY THEM! If you're going to the loo anyway just take a square of toilet paper, peel it in half (not rip down the middle) so you effectively now have two squares that are the same size, but thinner- and use those to blot instead. Works like a charm and is free too! Hope I explained that well enough 😬 it's really tricky to write out, but super simple to do ❤️ lotsa love 😘 and I hope this helps out my fellow oily girls 💪

  7. So upon your recommendations in another video I went to my nearby retailer to find the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation and asked for a couple of samples to try on and find my perfect shade.
    OMG ! Gurl ! You're so right when you're speaking of holy grail ! My combo to oily skin makes most foundation crease near my nostrils and on the expression lines on the side of my mouth. The stay matte primer (also recommended by you and Tati) keeps them right in place, those small creases still appear after a few hours. BUT NOT WITH DOUBLE WEAR ! Omg ! I love it. It's worth the price. Just after comes the brand new Mecca Max Life Proof foundation that I got to wear : still creases a bit on those same places but way less than the others, and doesn't smudge, doesn't cake, stays right in place !
    Would you be able to review Mecca Max items ? 🙂
    Thanks for all your amazing tips !

  8. i would like to know which product are you using in hack no. 5. did not get the name of it. and another
    question; what is the difference between a blotting paper and a simple tissue?

  9. i'm actually so mad that i've never seen this before like i had no idea why my skin was so oily before and i just found all the answers as to why thank you so much you're an angel 😭😭😭🙏🏻🙏🏻

  10. i see alot of comments saying dont use coconut oil it creates acne and such for me that didnt happen so it all depends on your skin type. People always feel the need to tell people what to do we are all diffrent !

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