This is the best foundation trick i’ve ever learned for flawless, cake free makeup application. Its even better on mature skins that cake easily. US LINKS Affordable Oils The Ordinary…


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  1. Just wanted to leave U a msg that 'I read this far!'…
    I love watching your videos. Your oooo soooo talented & handsome looking!!! Which makes it a pleasure for me to watch- all day, everyday! I wish I had a Best Friend like U around to help me do my makeup.Even tho its like the same bc your teaching us your secrets in makeup application & trends.

    I love U! I know, we ALL love you. Thank U so much. You have taught me how to deal with my hooded eyes & getting my base dwn to a perfection. Ur the best man I've known.

  2. I thought I would never be able to use a concealer under the eyes until I came across this video 3weeks ago, it actually worked on my much more mature under eyes skin than the MUA’s I follow on YouTube who are much younger than I. So, thank you for sharing this valuable tip it is a game changer for me! I dab the Sephora Bright Future pot de creme concealer under the eyes and take a damp Beauty blender with a drop or two of jojoba oil on it and blend it out, voila! Flawless!!!! 💃🏾

  3. I've been binging on your tutorials! Thank you so much for these! They are amazing!
    ***I do have a question for you – I don't know if you have done a video about this yet but what is your opinion on anti-aging /anti- wrinkle serums/creams containing Syn-ake? Do you have any recommendations? Thanks in advance & keep making these great videos! ✌️🙏😃

  4. Yes I would say for sure you started this back in March 2015 I believe. Giving credit where credit is due…. I have used before sadly, omg I know! I'm looking and feeling like a really old 39 year old right now. As I was looking around I found one of your AMAZING VIDEOS AND THERE LIFE CHANGING. I am so happy to of found you… Thank you for all your tips and tricks. So excited😁🤗😍😝. ❤❤❤❤❤❤viewmyworld321

  5. Won't oil make the foundation be absorbed into the skin more? Foundation is chemical after all. It can even ruin the skin. Won't it be better if we apply a layer of something that prevents it's absorption or hinders it to a great extent, and also make one look beautiful? Your comments please Mr. Wayne.

  6. I'm almost 60 and I wish I'd found your channel years ago! I tried adding oil to my foundation this morning and I can't believe the difference… you're my hero. I have a lot of catching up to do, so this comment is brief!

  7. I read this far! This is the best tip I have ever used for foundation routine and it really works very well. Recently I try to mix not only oil but also Charlotte Tilbury brightening youth glow and it works amazingly great especially under the sun, my skin look like shinning diamonds!! 💎 I cannot help to share this to you!

  8. I use a mix of FIVE oils! – just the smallest drop of each – Emu, Rosehip Seed, Black Seed, and Argan, plus any even smaller drop of Evening Primrose oil. My favorite is the Black Seed. Sometimes I leave out the Evening Primrose, because it can be a bit drying. The Emu oil pulls the other oils into the skin, and takes down the redness/inflammation of my mild Rosacea.

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