Lets Chat: Celebrity News Part 2 (made with Spreaker)

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Lets Chat: Celebrity News Part 2 (made with Spreaker)

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  1. **If the volume is low please headphones and I'll get with my person who helps me out tomorrow to make sure the volume is better on speaker. I apologize for the inconvenience.***

  2. I don't think it's more so Tina than Erica… Erica seems a little bit more honest, and humble than her sister… Always has to me. Love you Lady Nyca

  3. the reson why people is always talking about tina campbell and her hasband is because she is putting her business out on social media if she don,t want people to talk about her and her husband she needs to stop putting it out there

  4. Hey Auntie I hope things get better for the you tube creators they are definitely doing you guys wrong they show ads all day everyday now they are making it so that we have to watch them however they aren't paying you guy's that's wrong I wish I could complain

  5. Breathe Nyca…… Youtube is tripping, they got me too. Click that request manual review button and remember they haven't taken away playing ads on the video, the just limit the amount of ads that are being played. For instance, for an approved video, every time a person views the video an ad plays, but with limited ads an ad may play every 10, 20, or 30 views, whatever youtube's number is.

    Youtube sucks at communicating with its content creators, which adds to the frustration, but breathe darling….. This too shall pass!!!

    Right, I'm gonna start titling differently as well. Thanks for the idea!!!

  6. Right! Can’t stand that chic… But for her to keep bringing it up, she couldn’t have forgave him. On Teddy ass… he doing to damn much too. Bring her butt something she don’t want.

  7. If you can't hear her there's an app called volume booster goodev in the play store that works miracles lol. As for Tina she's a piece of work just like her sister it's no wonder they can't get along. That husband ain't never gone be shit.

  8. Auntie keep doing what u doing it’s all going to work out. Remember what u tell us “The death of your struggle will determine the height of your success”. Because it’s very true and u know Our Lord is not going to put on us more than we can handle. Keep pushing like we all doing in our lives cus this shit ain’t easy trying to be successful, it’s an everyday fight and struggle to keep going. U got this boo💪🏽💪🏽❤️❤️❤️💃🏽💯

  9. Hey sis @Lady Nyca! I had to come on & comment… That damn Tina is an evil spirit. I’ve never liked her. U right… I can’t deal with her either & hell Yeah Teddy ass probably back to cheating. He said he cheated 10 times in 12 years… WTF… but she too much. I almost can’t watch to Show anymore.😘💜

  10. You are the 4th You Tuber I have heard complain about how they are being treated. The other's are making Generic titles as well. I think it's terrible to have people to invest in equipment, time etc. to pull the rug from under them. I wish there was a place where the subscribers could complain. I have YouTube Red so I don't see commercials anyway.

  11. Second comment auntie I don't like Tina Campbell period Tina Campbell act her life is perfect and Tina campbell act she's better than everybody else her husband cheat on her up with 10 people Tina Campbell is not gone leave her husband she's obsessed with him I can tell he dont want her and khia need to sit down she stole the song My Neck My Back she don't even have no hits Trina is the queen of the South khia is not a queen I wanna see if khia would say all this mean stuff to people face khia is just like Lil Mo and Azealia Banks

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