Kim Kardashian Always Hated – Get Crystalized Celebrity Buzz 04/24/13

Hot topics include Essence Atkins hating on Kim Kardashian, People Mags Most Beautiful Women of 2013 and more!


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Kim Kardashian Always Hated – Get Crystalized Celebrity Buzz 04/24/13

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  1. I find it refreshing to see a non-Kim hater.  Although I'm not really a Kim K fan, and I do have reservations on her new "Selfish" selfie book, I think that she's a brilliant business woman and pop culture icon, whether people like it or not!

  2. Oh please people I was not saying that Essence magazine was a hater, I am talking about people in general. But it is not Tyler Perry's or any other black writer, producer, director's responsibility to hire black actors, period. What I say to all people, you don't like it then change it by becoming a director yourself and you can hire whoever the HELL you want. How's that for a GROWN ASS WOMAN comment???

  3. so essence is a hater because she is pointing out a flaw in hollywood?? i honestly dont understand people like u crystal who, think anyone who makes a credible statement or opinion of kim kardashian is a "hater". a grown ass woman like u should already know the difference between real HATE and TRUTH. nd i like kim and all but we all kno wat she is famous for and what she does not contribute to the world of cinema.

  4. Glad to make it, cuz I'm really hoping for some movies like that. But yeah, not many native american romance movies with black women, but I believe there was one. Just one though.

  5. That is true it would be a first. You don't see many Asians in many love situations at all. Except in movies about Asians specifically. Or even Native Americans. Now the women you can see a whole spectrum of them but the men – nope. Hmmmmm….Racial/Gender bias??? The men are writing the movies mainly so I guess they can only envision themselves with these women. Good Point Lonelyeco!

  6. I don't think she's upset he had a white or hispanic person in 'Temptation', just that he put Kim Kardashian in it. But all that she said about Kim is true. I didn't care to see Kim in the movie, but I said if she's in it as long as she did her role good. I was etchy about her being in it also, cuz I don't see her as an actor. What we really need is some Asian male, Black female romance movies with Tyler Perry. It would be a (true) first in the movie industry. lol that face on Reese!!

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