Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

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Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

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  1. Sad that Kenny had to do this just because he had a younger wifey, he should have left his natural looks be and accepted what God gave him. He's not the same anymore now. But his songs would never change who he was either.

  2. I've always been a Kenny Rogers fan, always will be. Listening to and seeing Kenny sing is awesome. Certainly his surgery changed his looks and not in a good way. A bad surgery could happen to anyone. It is truly unfortunate, that being said, it is not what is important. We all do things we regret, the fact that Kenny singing is great. I will be attending his concert in Little Rock on 10/6 and I am very much looking forward to seeing him!

  3. I think the area where celebrities go wrong is with their eyes.  Kenny was never a model and wanted to keep his look.  Fine…do some botox or lipo around the cheeks.  Once you play with the eyes you change your face and character.  A 70 year-old Kenny with super tight eye lids is not natural.  Nobody ever criticized Sinatra, Dean Martin, Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, and a ton of other celebrities that worked late in their career.

  4. I love Kenny looks before, he was so handsome.I think he would look better today without the plastic surgery..Natural appearance was so masculine..good thing his voice is still awesome

  5. July 4, 2014
    Hubby and I went to a Kenny Rogers concert last night — and it was fanfuckingtastic!
    The setting was a special smaller venue (1,000 or so seats). It was very intimate. From the get-go he came out, connected and talked with us, sing and then joke with all of us in between singing his gorgeous well-known songs, making us laugh with his adventures in music and experiences with Dolly and other singers he's collaborated with over the years. He singled out and joked and talked to various people in the audience. He's so very self-deprecating and humble and he had us all at hello even without the lights up. Everyone enjoyed the experience. Even his band was visibly having a blast.
    In between, he'd sing another love song that would make us all cuddle up a little closer to our significant other, maybe fall a bit more in love with each other during the walk down memory lane. Even my stiff-upper-lip husband reached for and held my hand – a miracle after 34 years of marriage!
    No current performer does this better than Kenny Rogers. His professionalism and love of the audience shows. That makes him beautiful regardless of body modifications.
    Yes he is older (76) and he had just had a knee replacement surgery, having a weird reaction to some new medication from his doctor and, on op of it all, he also apparently had a bruised or broken rib from a fall! (Go ahead; try just shallow breathing with just a bruised, never mind broken, rib. It's excruciating.) I bet most of us when we get to 76 years of age won't be able to walk to the other side of the room without help, much less perform. Kenny sucked it up for us, sang beautifully and talked to us, joked with us, made eye contact and made all of us laugh out loud with him. He made us feel like we were in his living rooms for two hours. Again, only KR can do this better than most.
    Later we heard that he was in such pain before the show that he was given the choice of coming out "as is" (in pain and bruised) or calling off the concert. He chose to come out and give us 100% of everything he had and it was 100% awesome.  A true professional and the reason why he is so loved by his fans after all these years.
    Kenny Rogers puts on one of the most amazing and fun concerts of any performer today, period, no matter what age!

  6. This video and the negative comments are absurd. The images of Kenny "before" are 25-30 years ago. Sure he looks different and maybe even worse after the surgeries, but really… He's a much older man. Lay off. Karma will visit you one day.

  7. He had sagging eye lids all his life. Tissue and bone structure fitted perfectly this kind of eyes. Now due to plastic surgery he got an eye shape he never had….this look now does not compliment his natural given face anymore…Robert Redford, the king of sagging lids, did the same….It seems to be tempting to go too far with this.

  8. Famous people take note, we record your look in our minds (age may rough it up but it's basically still there), when you mess SO MUCH with your famous face-you pretty much killed it for fans. It's like changing up Mona Lisa's nose or eyes or mouth! And, for folks doing botox, go easy ppl!

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