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  1. Absolutely love your tips and your delivery, Mr. Goss.  My routine is much of what you say not to do, but I do it much more carefully since I discovered your tutorials, as in, "What would Wayne say about this?"  Although one of your slower students,  I have learned things that work for me and I have new eyes for the process.  Thank you.

  2. Please could you answer my question about an eye lash curler! I keep pinching my skin on my eyes when ever I try to curl the lashes, what am I doing wrong?


    Love, love love all your videos that you have made


  3. Hey all, does anyone know any good tips for making gorgeous eyes when you have to wear glasses all day? i tend to find that any eye make I do is just hidden/worthless due to my glasses and just don't know what to do any more.

  4. You've heard of scraping your fingernails along a bar of soap for gardening? Scraping on a 100% Cocoa butter stick helps moisturize nails and the skin under them, it slowly melts. The butter doesn't leach away as easily as cuticle oil does. You can do the tops too of course (:

  5. I haven't used make up for about ten or fifteen years but I just feel like I need something because I don't like how red my face gets but I feel so old now.I'm not sure where to start.wish u were in my country.i feel so shy to go talk to anyone because I kinew what to do but oh we'll hopefully I'll remember befor I look like a clown haha

  6. Thank you for the great tips. I have one. You can keep mascara off your lid by holding a credit card against it and behind your lashes when applying. Don't pump the wand in and out as it just forces air in there and dries out even quicker. A great way to really make lashes curl is to hit curler with hair dryer and then test it with fingertips before putting it against your eyelids to curl so that you dont burn them. More mature skin needs exfoliating regularly. Matte foundations and even mineral powders accentuate mature skin while something creamy or liquid or airbrushed looks so dewy and glows so that it really does take years off.

  7. Hi Wayne, I love your videos, their so helpful & informative. I don't have a tip to share however, I'd love if you could do a video on Concealer. I'm quite fair, but I've very blue colour in the inner corner of my eyes. I apply concealer (which is lighter) and a little powder over it but it doesn't seem to to ever last! Would love any advice, recommendations you may have. If you've already created a video on this topic I apologise, please let me know which one! Thanks again, Emma in Ireland xxx

  8. A really good tip is DON'T wear lip plumping lipgloss when you give a blow job! The peppermint oil burns the guys penis and nutsack! Wear it for a bit so you get the effect then take it off right before you swallow his cock! (Best tip from a gay guy you could get ;])

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