Jocelyn Wildenstein From ‘Beginning’ To ‘Now’ 0.3

I AM SO SORRY ABOUT THE PICTURES MOVING I made this such a long time ago and had no idea what I was doing when editing it together.


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Jocelyn Wildenstein From ‘Beginning’ To ‘Now’ 0.3

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  1. Wow, watching that really made my stomach hurt. She f’d her face all the way up!… If only people would just mature and allow themselves to see how beautiful they truly are smh.

  2. personally i dont think she tried to get plastic surgery to look like a lion i truly believe what she had was plastic surgery gone wrong and she kept going farther and farther thinking it could b fixed but it messed her face up more what the speaker said about her wanting to get her face like a lion is bullshit she just got fucked up from the beginning lol

  3. When you wake up one day and think "hey, im gonna fuck over my face forever yes good idea i think" just kill yourself and do the eyes of everyone else on planet earth a favor, thank you.

  4. She's not a beautiful person, she's a greedy, vile-tempered, self-absorbed, ignorant, spoiled, pathetic woman with a severe mental problem. I have zero respect for her, zero sympathy for her plight, and zero patience for any idiot trying to tell me how wonderful and unique she is. Fuck her, it's not as if she has any feelings anyway, and if she does, she can dab away her tears (assuming her tear ducts still function) with a $1000 bill.

    How utterly putrid and ridiculous to be preached at about not making judgments against a woman who has lived her entire life with only HER OWN DESIRES on her tiny little mind.

    I'll say it again: fuck her and her ugly melted plastic face. Now excuse me while I go puke my guts out.

  5. its so easy to judge when your so jealous i don't like that jélous people can be so mean beauty is on the inside i love the song people get so jealous id love to get to know her i love the song it simply says eat your hart out you jealous people you go girl if ya need frien to be true friend i know how it is people so jealous its crazy

  6. I haven't seen this video until now 2017 but think these are some of the best pictures ever of Jocelyn which prove she is most definitely a beautiful woman. Keep on rocking it baby .Love you.

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