It’s crazy how many billions are spent on plastic surgery each year

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It’s crazy how many billions are spent on plastic surgery each year

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  1. I'm 15 and have a round head big nose feminine features and a ridicules grin…and to the people that think that us not so good looking lads and laddies should change I can only tell them to fuck of because beauty is only skin deep I want a lady to love me based on my personality infact if I was good looking I whould be more paranoid that laddies would only see me as a good piece of ass

  2. I have a genius idea that I've spent all of 5 seconds thinking about, what if when we take the patients to the 'surgery room' we actually take them for an execution. We could also offer budget ones, where 10 people are 'operated' on at once… I think it can't go wrong, and rids the world of people we don't need.

  3. Mr.Howard, can 'we' please stop saying 'we' if 'we' are not involved with something, generalising is as bad as lying. If you've not had surgery and most of your audience haven't the 'we' is a minority. Yeah I'm annoying.

  4. Im a girl but even though im trans and havent transitioned yet and im fucking ugly (not much will change) but i dont give a fuck about my looks i care more about my personality and inteligence (im not trying to be a dick) people can call me what they want and i dont starve myself for a month for being called fat i dont lather my face with makeup or get plastic surgery because i was called ugly by some random fucker who doesnt know the diffrence between a vegtable pealer and a grater or thinks that manchester will become a contry and britan will become a contanent when we leave they EU(yes someone said that) and to be honist i don't get plastic surgry i mean knowing socity eventually a person will have more plastic in them than a barbie doll

  5. I’ll tell you why all these ridiculous trends are happening: Porn. All men watch it & then think all women should look the same. I’ve heard multiple guys shaming girls with bigger nipples / areolas, talking about “bad vaginas.” You can thank porn.

    Side note: I wrote this comment before he said that it was porns fault. Glad I was right. Porn is a massive problem.

  6. What about a tv show based on Paradise Island but the twist is, you put 12 philosophers. They need to convince their ideas and ways are right and match them like in paradise island. So if one philosopher gets 2 with him, he or she got to choose which one he wants to continue with.

  7. I literally just want a nose job because when I was 7 I broke it so now it's hooked at the top then it's the straight.
    I don't know why the fuck people want tiny nipples, designer vaginas and bleached assholes, what the fuck why?

  8. I truly recommend on utilizing this breast augmentation technique “good vamvam site” (Google it) since you will see the results in a short period of time, though it could take some time for some folks, just be persistent because I bet you will really have the greatest outcomes like what I have noticed a couple of months ago.

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