Is Dermstore Selling EXPIRED Products? NEW Eyeliner Trend from Laura Geller! | Makeup Minute

Today in Makeup and Beauty News, Jerrod Blandino announced that the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette is undergoing a design makeover, Black Moon Cosmetics says they will have a special announcement…


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Is Dermstore Selling EXPIRED Products? NEW Eyeliner Trend from Laura Geller! | Makeup Minute

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  1. Yes! I received two products (NOT Drunk Elephant but another brand) with SPF that had to be returned because of the expiration date. Check the date carefully when you receive the product. No one wants to be using expired SPF. If the product doesn't contain an expiration date, here is how to use the manufacturing code to determine the expiration date:

  2. Oh no! I just bought a bunch of drunk elephant products from Dermstore last week! How do I know if the products that I purchased are expired? I purchsed the C-Firma Day Serum, LaLa Retro Whipped Cream, Shaba Complex Eye Serum and TLC Sukari Babyfacial.

  3. Oh great, I hope that's not true about Dermstore! i purchased 3 drunk elephant products from them in December. I've been using them and they seem ok to me. The vitamin C serum is a pale orangy yellow – is that still good? I've heard mixed things regarding what color it should be to know if it's good or gone bad. *sigh.

  4. Would you please do a video update to the dermstore comment so that your viewers who may have only heard this through you know that DE released a further statement that dermstore isn’t selling expired DE, that they said that comment was originated by a disgruntled employee and since have had to change their password and they’re sorry for the misinformation? Thank you.

  5. You have to look out for expired products everywhere. I bought two expired products from Ulta (a foundation and a setting spray), both of which were on sale. Things are often put on sale because they are near (or in my situation, past) the expiration date and they want to extract some value before tossing out expired product.

  6. I'm all over that too faced palette. I can't wait for the dermstore update. I've wondered about things like that and was considering ordering my DE products I needed their in a few weeks. I might just stuck with Sephora …

  7. Jen, not sure this is the place for this, but THANK YOU for the FB group WUIM. I am grateful for a safe community of makeup lovers that I can get inspiration from, talk with, and just feel like I belong. I haven't posted a MOTD yet; but, plan to soon. Again, thank you for all that you have done for the beauty community. You rock!

  8. Another store selling expired products?! Sephora does too! Ive received bad Peter Thomas Roth cleanser, moisturizer, old, rancid perfumes and other small makeup products. I have screenshotted others reviews from the website stating they had also received expired products. (They like to delete those.) You have to be careful with sampler sets too, favorites sets and skincare sets. Sample containers often do not preserve as well as full size in the long term, and no telling how long they have been sitting around.

  9. Those Laura Geller eyeliners look nice! I LOVE her baked foundation…it never, ever fails me. I spent $48 on the new Laura Mercier because everyone was raving and I barely like it. Go Laura!

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