Instagram Models EXTREME Before & After Plastic Surgery Photos

Ever wondered what some of your favorite Instagram models looked like before plastic surgery? We have the photos they DON’T want you to see!


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Instagram Models EXTREME Before & After Plastic Surgery Photos

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  1. Got damn the twins look like a hot ass mess they were pretty before they decided to do all that surgery I'm a pretty black woman I'm proud of my chocolate skin wouldn't change nothing at all

  2. Instagram surgery is what it should be called🤦🏾‍♀️😒 be happy with what you have and stop trying to compete with everyone else. They're all shaped alike… Smdh

  3. The twins turned into white, tan women. Everyone else wanted an hourglass shape. I'm just trying to lose my belly fat and thigh fat. It's these men they get this done for. The men ain't shit. They think the men liked that shape, but not all men like that shape.

  4. Lira always been a naturally pretty girl 😻😻😻 now she's jus a beautiful women, the mom and brother is beautiful to….. they have such a beautiful family 👍🏼 God bless them …..

  5. clermont twins also has botox and got their ass/hips done. look at their lower halves in recent pictures and compare them to their pre-bgc days.Their hips aren't even natural looking. I follow them on snapchat and they didn't post for 2 weeks, then BAM, sudden appearance of bigger hips and ass.

  6. Bernice and Lira look sooo different, I think surgery improved their looks though they didn't look unattractive before. The funny thing is yesterday I was looking at Bernice's daughter (her oldest) wondering where she got her looks from and it's her mom pre-surgery.

  7. People are entitled to do what ever they want especially when it's their money. I don't think anyone should pass judgement as we are all guilty of doing something to enhance our look period non surgical included. Not saying we all went under the knife but we do care about our appearance to a certain degree right? Maybe plastic surgery ain't ya preference. and ? There's somebody out there that likes it and finds it attractive if that ain't u ….well..

  8. there was a time where surgery was meant to help people.. not make them all look the same.. now young women are dying on the surgery table, cause they wanted big asses and titts instead of loving themselves the way they are.. it's scary

  9. Wow what a bunch of insecure thots cashing in on their bodies instead of using their minds very disturbing. Even more disturbing is how most look as though they have bleached their beautiful rich dark skin SMH!!!!!

  10. What's funny to me is both lira and miracle still aren't that attractive to me. They look the same as before that same "dull" look in the face. But bodies will always trump a face . I also don't take issue in cosmetic surgery do what you see fit enhances you unless you take it too far . Subtle changes are best in my opinion. Like jasmine she definitely look more like the blackness that she is prior to her nose job. The nose gives it away all the time for black women. It's mostly what we always want to change myself included because I would change my nose but I am scared how my nose looks now to change to the "perfect" nose will change how I look drastically and it frightens me

  11. It's so sad that these woman have such low self esteem that they literally morphed into cartoon characters in order to attract men. And when did instagram model become a profession anyway?

  12. and this is what's wrong with women smh… be the you God made you to be look like your shaping that nose down to look more white featured add fake hair and two tons of make up later with fake asses this is what you get …

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