How to Style Ripped Jeans ◉ Vy Qwaint

watch: $100000 ABANDONED SAFE Mystery Box –~– Styling ripped jeans that are over a decade old! ◉ SUBSCRIBE: …


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How to Style Ripped Jeans ◉ Vy Qwaint

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  1. Wanna be Lil Jon. :'D Even though I'm 2 years late I'm still going to answer the question. 😛 What gets me going in the morning is water with lemon (with occasional honey) and then I like to do some light stretching just to get my day started. 🙂 I've never liked jeans personally I love legging way more so I kind of understand the feeling of actually finding some jeans that fit and are comfortable to wear. 😀 <3

  2. $300???!! Yours looks way better anyways! And i absolutely love your nude lipstick with that outfit but the other lipstick looks great as well! And when are you going to model professionally??

  3. I'm not a big fan of pants, but I love a nice pair of worn-in jeans! We have similar experiences with braces! I've had Dentists and Orthodontists comment on how small my mouth is and as a result, I also had to have teeth pulled to make room. Waiting for the gaps to close was not my favorite experience! XD

  4. What gets me going in the morning is a massive cup of tea! I honestly don't think I could function without it. Tea just always makes me feel better!
    P.s great video, I loved the little side note about your childhood! xo

  5. I actually hate ripped jeans but I love the way you style it and it looks good on you. It's amazing how you still have your old jeans, mine won't fit me anymore.
    What gets me going in the morning? Music. I just listen to my favorite song and I already feel like moving. ♥

  6. Two things: #1. I think the saying is something like "Dat Midriff d'oh!" 😉 and #2 What gets me going in the morning? Not getting up in the morning…till about 11. I'm a total night owl!

  7. Brushing my teeth usually gets me up and going in the morning. I'm not much of a coffee drinker but sometimes by beautiful wife makes Viet Coffee and then definitely gives me a kick start 🙂

  8. Love the video. When I wake up I go to ur channel and watch ur videos they make me so happy cuz u have this uplifting Energy😄 I hope u know they u are amazing and special. Please never stop❤️💜💙
    Xo Annie

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