How To Make Polyurethane Mounting Bushings DIY

Replacing mounting bushings can be expensive, so we show you how to make your own mounting bushings and lower control arm bushings using liquid …


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How To Make Polyurethane Mounting Bushings DIY

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  1. Hey I've gone through and watched a bunch of your old videos and i was wondering if you could do a video about everything wrong with the 6.2 Detroit that was replaced by the 6.5. But anyways nice video like always.

  2. reminds me of an 80s subaru. you can buy poly tubes and shapes, but I see you went fancy with odd pins and bushings. Thanks for video. I let my subarus back end rock and roll for now.. sloppy old rubbers.

  3. I reinforced my transmission mount on my 2004 Mazda 6 by filling it with windshield urethane. Works good, although I think it is too stiff. I may have to look into your method of doing this for my subframe mounts as well.

  4. hey Rich i'm putting a new deck on my GMC. as i found out out when i came home from my trip back east that there was only 1 bolt holding down the deck . Good thing i had my camper tied down directly to my frame. Anyways i'm going to use some hockey pucks for my frame mounts to hold my new deck down. . i've used them before with round U bolts after cutting them in half. adios for now. yogi.

  5. Last time I installed poly bushings I used a hole saw to hog out the rubber and preserve the outer sleeves. Cleaned up the remaining rubber with a little drum sander and 36 grit. of course these were pre made poly kits around $250.

  6. Cool video! I wouldn't shave any off of that metal through spacer on the cradle mount. It doesn't need to be even with the isolator that you made. The metal through spacer is what hard mounts to the body of the vehicle and the isolator is what holds the cradle to the bolt/through spacer. The isolator's only purpose is to hold the pin in correct position in the cradle and provide side-to-side, front-to-back, and up and down stability. At least that is how it appears over YouTube. Just a thought, correct me if I'm wrong.

  7. Dang Rich, is there anything you can't make? You are definitely going to have the most "built" car at the competition. You're even making parts. I can almost guarantee that everyone else will be like, I'll just go buy that!

  8. After years of scoffing at it, I finally tries hot glue a couple months ago. It's definitely not for every job but what it is good for man it's GOOD for. I found pretty quickly that a decent glue gun and using high strength industrial hot glue really steps its usefulness up!

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