How to make leggings- DIY Tutorial

In this video tutorial I teach you how to use a pair of leggings you already have to create a pattern that you will then use to create a brand new pair of leggings. We do not need to cut open…


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How to make leggings- DIY Tutorial

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  1. Say i want to make double layered leggings or make leggings with a liner layer so they arent as seethrough? Would i cut out the fabric both the same in the pattern and then sew the seperate fabric together before i sew the leggings together?

  2. I'm truly a sewing rookie, I mean I'm still learning my machine lol…Sooo thank for this tutorial although far above my talents, I am definitely encouraged and inspired. 🙂 Thx!

  3. I just now watched this 2013 video and am so impressed! I haven't been inspired to wear or make leggings until now. And thank goodness you're not a size 2 – – it would be discouraging for 99% of us and we wouldn't be inspired to make our own leggings. Thank you for your wonderful teaching ability and honesty.

  4. Thanks! You move fast! I followed it all! I'm a total legging convert these days. I hope my old Bernina 730 Record has a walking foot, (I don't think it does, I wonder how necessary it is) because the only walking foot machine I have is a really heavy duty one.

  5. Omg Vanessa I would love to see more of these tutorials on using your own clothes to make new clothes…this tutorials was easy to understand and I can't wait to duplicate it… please keep them coming…

  6. Mind Blown!!! I am not paying for a pattern or class to teach me how to make leggings after this because you have shown me just how easy it is. I have worn a hole in my favorite leggings in the thigh area and was becoming frustrated because I wasn't sure if the patterns available would fit my bodacious backside and long legs without being too short. I like mine to bunch just a bit over my ankles. They are made of the best quality fabric, but they are the best fitting and the most comfortable pair I own. Now I can remake them in a nicer stretch fabric. Thank you SO much for showing us just how easy it is to draft and create your own pattern!!!

  7. Great Video but I am not a fan of elastic waistbands, so I made a stretch band out of the material to sew on my leggings.  easy to do too.  Cut lengthwise of how long you want,  sew it and attach it to the leggings..  Those  waistbands can be tight and not stretch enough for me….lol

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