How to look taller (playing with proportions): tips from a fashion designer ǀ Justine Leconte

In this video, I draw 3 outfits that will help you look taller (and slimmer) than you are: which clothes will visually change your proportions, make your legs longer, …


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How to look taller (playing with proportions): tips from a fashion designer ǀ Justine Leconte

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  1. Hi everyone! This video has English and Spanish subtitles – and I will try to offer these 2 languages for all my future videos. Tell your friends who like to watch with subtitles 🙂 Looking forward to your comments on this "slightly different" way of talking about styling…

  2. Dear Justine! and people in the comments of course, I really need some advice ❤ I am 22 years old, I'm very short and skinny, but I need to look more "mature, grown up" let's say because of my job. People often say to me that I look too young and girly for an office environment not only for my body but also my face. What do you recommend besides good make up?
    Thank you in advance!

  3. How can someone determine if they have a short torso? Or if your legs, torso are considered proportional for your overall height? Are there specific measurements for determining this?

  4. Very interesting video, thank you!
    I’m petite and had short hair for many years, because it makes me seem taller. Now I have long hair and I love the feeling, but am constantly puzzled, how not to look too short. Do you have any hair styling advice to seem taller except for high bun?

  5. So so pretty! I have been away from youtube for quite a time… my question or request would be what about the pregnant ladies… I am pregant in 3rd month and almost nothing fits me or it is too tight .. any idea on how to look stylish and pretty while pregnant ?! I have found very less options in this period of time and was wondering why?! I do understand that it is a phase in our life and it is small period of time etc. but why not to be stylish and cute during this as well? I'm short so I really stay away from the big maxi dresses .. Any advice?😘🌷

  6. this is a lot of great advice, I like that you gave general rules for looking taller and showed their use in different styles of clothing, that way everyone can benefit from the video. bonus: this is also very helpful for artists – helps with character design!

  7. Hello Justine! I’ve been following you for a year now and I really like your content… would you consider to make a video about office wear capsule wardrobe? I’d like to have your take on what is practical and versatile and which types of fabrics to look for on autumn/winter and spring/summer… Have a nice day!

  8. Love your videos and your blunt honesty. I am starting off from complete scratch with a big passion and integrity on youtube just like you. I hope someday I will be as good as you. Marking this day to look back and laugh someday! 🙂

  9. Super useful tips and beautiful drawings!!
    Justine, what are your thoughts on low rise jeans? (à la early 2000s)
    I dread the day they will make a comeback. I feel like they are only flattering for super skinny people.

  10. Fantastic Justine, so helpful, I am 5'2" with a very short neck, It is Winter here in Australia & this year I have discovered LONG cardigans to mid calf on me ! no collars. Wow I look inches taller over trousers & long narrow skirts. Happy Summer to you !!

  11. I loved the drawings! Another super interesting video, you’re able to show us something new in every single video, Wow! Now that is creativity! 👏🏻👌🏻👍🏻❤️❤️😍😘

  12. Thanks for the tips, Justine! I am 5'4", small-boned, 56 years old & seem to be styling myself well for my height. I am only 111lbs but still want to balance out a pear-shape. The high-waisted style makes me feel self-conscious of my lower half — is that because the high waist is making my bottom half look longer?

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