How to DIY Use Hair Removal Hard Wax Beans?

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How to DIY Use Hair Removal Hard Wax Beans?

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  1. Frequently Question&Answer
    1: How to melt the hard wax beans?
    A Wax warmer will be highly recommended to melt the hard wax for men women hair removal.
    When brazilian bikini wax melts, please use a spatular to stir the European wax, and then wait for few minutes till it cool off to a suitable temperature, usually about 45℃ centigrade (113℉ Fahrenheit).
    To avoid burning, please make sure to test the wax temperature on your wrist, before apply to your unwanted hairs and sensitive areas, such as bikini edge area , armpit , face, arm, legs etc. "

  2. Frequently Question&Answer
    22.Why wax beans are semi-melt when I receive the package?
    The hard wax beans is made of rosin,natural plant extracts,paraffin etc. The melting point is about 55℃centigrade (131℉Fahrenheit). During the transportation, the outside temperature may be high and cause some of them melt.
    It is normal that some of them melt during summer, will not affect the hair removal, and you can continue to use without any worrying.

  3. Frequently Question&Answer
    21.Why the wax film broken when peeling off?
    First reason could be that, the wax is too cold to pull off. Please peel off when wax film is still a little warm, soft and a little sticky.

    The reason could be, the wax layer is too thin. After spreading first wax layer, please spread a second layer backward quickly, to make a double thicker wax film.

    After spread the wax film, please wait about 15-40 seconds (depends on the wax film thickness), clap the wax film with your hand to enhance the sticky.

  4. Frequently Question&Answer
    20.Why it only stick few hair?
    The reason could be a too thin wax layer. Please apply a thicker wax film, after the first layer, spread a double layer quickly, to make a thicker wax film.
    Second reason is that, when applying the melted wax, please follow direction of the hair growth, and pull off against the direction of the hair growth.

  5. Frequently Question&Answer
    19.How to peel off the wax layer?
    Please tense the skin, pick up and grasp the end of the wax film, peel off the wax layer quickly and strongly, against the direction of the hair growth.

  6. Frequently Question&Answer
    18.How to apply the wax on skin?
    Step 1: Spread melted wax with a stick on the skin, following the direction of the hair growth.

    Step 2: To have a better result, you can spread one more wax layer quickly, to make a thicker wax film.

  7. Frequently Question&Answer
    17.Can you use microwave to melt wax?
    We do not suggest to use microwave to melt wax. The reason is the microwave can not distribute the heat evenly.

    Besides of wax warmer, we will suggest to use streamer pot and ceramics bowl. Please fill a steamer pot with half water, put the proper quantity hard wax beans in a ceramics bowl, insert the bowl in the steamer pot (Keep hard wax bean away from water directly). The steam and the water will transfer heat evenly and melt the wax.

  8. Frequently Question&Answer
    16.What size or ounce is this bag?
    Auperwel hair removal hard wax beans is 10oz/300g each bag.
    When using brazilian hard body pearl wax, spread a melted wax layer with a spatula on the skin, along the direction of the hair growth. On the contrary, remove the wax film against the hair growth direction.

  9. Frequently Question&Answer
    15.How many layers of wax will I use for the area to be completely hair-free?
    Hello Alejandra,the hard wax effectively remove above 90% of the hairs at one time.But if you have stubborn hair you could use double layer on the area. And then you could use a tweezer remove the rest hairs.
    You might still have some stubborn hair left behind after the first attempt. This is completely reasonable. You just need to give it a few more attempts to completely remove more of those stubborn hairs.
    Hope it can help you. Thank you! "

  10. Frequently Question&Answer
    14.How much of the body does one bag cover?
    Each bag of hair remover wax is 300g/10oz. Usually speaking, 2 bags is enough for full body hair removal.
    Actually how many bags needs depends on how thick you would like when applying, sometimes one time can remove 90% hair, and you need to re-apply.

  11. Frequently Question&Answer
    13.How long should the melted hard wax stay on my skin?
    It usually takes 15 minutes to stay. Please touch the hard body wax before peeling off, when the wax becomes cool, hard and holds the skin taut,remove the wax with a firm action against the direction of the hair growth quickly and strongly.

  12. Frequently Question&Answer
    12.What exact ingredients are in the wax beads?
    Auperwel hard wax is made of Natural Ingredients, no chemical reaction and non-toxic. The exact ingredients are Colophonium(Rosin), Glyceryl Rosinate, Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Beeswax, Paraffin, Glyceryl Hydrogenate Rosinate, Methyl Hydrogenated Rosinate, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil,C30-45 Alkyl Methicone.
    If you have any questions about wax beans, please feel free to contact with Aupwer Support Team. We are here to help.
    Thank you!

  13. Frequently Question&Answer
    11.Is this the same stuff people were using on there face to clear pores?
    Usually people use black mask to clear pores. You can check our store for strong suction blackhead remover mask.
    Hard wax beans is ideal for hair remover of strong & fine hairs, such as legs, armpit, bikini edge area, chest, back, face, etc. and no strips required.

  14. Frequently Question&Answer
    10.How long does the hair have to be in order to use the wax? Do I need to let the hair grow for a few days first?
    Here are some tips to you.
    We suggest the hairs is not too short to be removed,at least 5mm length.
    And please follow the instruction of waxing.
    1.Take appropriate amount of wax beans into a depilatory wax heater to melt.
    2.Heat the wax to a melting temperature(40-42◦C/104-107◦F),after the wax melted,spread a layer of wax with a spatula on the skin along the direction of the hair growth.
    3.When the wax becomes cool,hard and holds the skin taut,remove the wax with a firm action against the direction of the hair growth quickly and strongly.

  15. Frequently Question&Answer
    7.does hard wax hair removal come with sticks?
    Hello friend, the sticks doesn't come with the wax beans for the moment, but we will consider to put a stick in it next time. Thank you so much!

  16. Frequently Question&Answer
    6.Is this like the less painful wax I have seen all over facebook?
    It depends on what area you wax. If you wax stubborn&coarse hair that would be a little painful. It's normal, the painful is last for a few minutes but it could remover most of the hair. If you have any other question, please feel free to contact with me. Thank you!

  17. Frequently Question&Answer
    5.How long does the bag last you? Specifically, if I want to use this for my face: chin, upper lips, and sideburn area.
    I used about half the back to do my underarms and legs. So I imagine if you used it on small areas only it could last for several months.

  18. Frequently Question&Answer
    4.Could I apply the hair removal wax after it melt? When should I put melted wax on my skin?
    After the hard wax beans melt, Please test the temperature before you put wax on skin for hair removal.
    Usually you take a small amount on your wrist to check the temperature, and then try to touch the wax, if it's not stick on you hands, that it's time to use.
    It is good hard wax bean hair removal for men for women.

  19. Frequently Question&Answer
    3.Can you reuse the wax?
    sometimes I will reuse the wax beans. Because I put too much hard wax beads in wax warmer. If you want to reuse it, just keep it clean and reheat the wax beans.

  20. Frequently Question&Answer
    2.What temperature should I apply melted wax on my skin?
    "When the wax melts into liquid status, please use stick to mix it and dig out a little to observe the liquid flow speed.

    If it flow very fast, it means the melted wax is still too hot. On the contrary, if it flow very slowly, it means it too cool to stick hairs.

    The better way of adjusting the temperature is the flow rate, not too fast, not too slow, then will be perfect to apply it on your skin.

  21. How to use Auperwel hair removal hard wax beans?

    Step1: Before Waxing, please apply a little melted wax on your wrist to test for the suitable temperature (40-42◦C/104-107◦F).
    To have a better hair removal result, a hot melted wax film can remove more hairs, but take care the temperature and do not burn the skin!

    Step 2: Apply the melt wax in a thick wax layer. A thick wax layer will have better result.

    Step 3: Wait till the wax film becomes cool and dry, pick up the edge of the wax film.

    Step4: Peel off the wax film Opposite the direction of the hair growth quickly and hardly.

    Step 5. Use a warm towel or apply some suitable skin care lotion to eliminate uncomfortable skin feeling after waxing.

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