How to: DIY Arduino CNC Router Cutter Welder(Part 1: Base and X-Axis)

This is a 6 part series. In this episode I will be fabricating the base and x-axis out of 2 inch and 1 inch 14 gauge steel square tubing and roller skate wheels for …


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How to: DIY Arduino CNC Router Cutter Welder(Part 1: Base and X-Axis)

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  1. hey bro, nice work.. i just ned to know that what is the size or the stell pipes you have used for the cnc??? those rectangular pipes are 1×1" or 1.5"x1.5"???? and what gauge size you have used????

  2. This is an awesome video. I had to edit this comment to stress how appreciative I am of Absorber of Light for his videos.
    I always worry when I see people cutting and grinding metal without gloves. And at 4:37 I can see he has gloves. It's like in the show Forged in Fire when someone rips a hole in their hand or finger. I think it could've been prevented or at least not as bad if they had worn gloves.

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