HOW TO: DIY aquarium filter – THE OFFICE TANK BUILD!!

How I built my DIY aquarium filter for my office aquarium. PART 1 ▻ PART 3 ▻ LIMITED EDITION SHIRTS!! Get yours here ▻


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HOW TO: DIY aquarium filter – THE OFFICE TANK BUILD!!

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  1. Hey dude! your videos are VERY interesting for me, I'm not an english speaking (native) person, and I'm having difficults to understand when you said "midia, media, ?) I'm not sure but I think you are talking about the piece of plastic you are setting down in the first chamber, if you can share a list of the basic items needed to build this sump, that will be awesome!

  2. Joey does the filter need to be water-tight? What if it were a snug fit with tiny pieces of acrylic preventing it from moving in the aquarium (but can slide in and out). I don't want to use any silicone or something too visible to attach it.

  3. Just made this. But if advice…pay attention to your flow rate. I’m having issues with a 55g aquarium and using a 1056gph water pump. This design isn’t conducive for that kind of flow rate.

  4. Hi Joey, I have a tank and filter built off of this design. I'm not keeping shell dwellers, though; I've got danios for now. Every now and then a fish will get sucked against the surface skimmer intake. Any advice?

  5. This is a really awesome filter. I kind of want to hide my filter too, at least so I don't need to constantly see it from the front. Would be great if could somehow incorporate a sculpted background in front of the filter too, to make things even more aesthetically pleasing!! Now I just have a HOB filter on my 10G and 2 filters on my 20G. Your vid makes me want to go full-out DIY everything from scratch on my next tank. The lazy in me wants to put off that future tank for as long as possible though.

  6. With all the respect there are a number of things wrong with the build. first, 3/4 inch thickness is an overkill for such a small aquarium. the thickness of acrylic needed for an aquarium is calculated by the hight of it …not length not width. you can build a 100 feet by 100 feet aquarium with the hight of 10 inches out of 1/4 inch thick acrylic…second, silicone does not adhere to acrylic, it will only create a temp seal …but for non professional, you did a good overall job

  7. this is exactly what I wanted to find. both the tank measures and internal filter. thank you so much for this little build series. you did a great job at showing everithing and explain. much appreciated.

  8. would it be beneficial to run that output pipe to the other end of the aquarium. Seems like it wouldn't get turned over much unless you had something pushing it down to the filtered end.

  9. hello bro I am try to understand this…..
    I like this system because all accessories is hidden

    I have some questions about this please help me…. I am little confused

    I understand in the video how to make this. overflow,
    and plastic sheets management, etc

    but I don't understand when heater inside how its work??

    water is recycling when the power head is on right?

    when power head water recycling this time
    the heater temperature is mix with tank water….

    so need to turn on the powerhead 24 hours??

    my English is not so good so please try to understand thanks

  10. Love you inventions bro! I'm a 15 year carpenter that loves building and loves fishkeeping! So I can truly appreciate and understand all the hard work your doing in these next level projects! Keep it up! I hope you are doing well for yourself with your work!

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