How To Buy Fabric- Wholesale Fabric Stores and Online Tips and Tricks

In this video we cover how to buy fabric whether you are shopping online or in fabric stores. Wholesale suppliers are located throughout the USA, I have …


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How To Buy Fabric- Wholesale Fabric Stores and Online Tips and Tricks

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  1. it is simply too stressful to find a reliable factory, I went through so many tips and they only made me more stressed. they are lots of trading companies asking you to register, but then I found the German sourcing company Called Matchory, those guys have validated data and can find the best factories for any product. simply step, I told them I wanted yoga pants, they sent me a list of the top factories, I Paid 250 euros for their service. And done with lots of online researching.

  2. Running into this exact problem. Have designs, have supplier and have fabric in hand but it's almost impossible to get the specs on the material I am using. All I know is that it's 100% knitted cotton. Finding out the yarn count, density and gsm seems impossible. The fabric stores have no idea at all, Ive been to countless tailors and seamstresses. Never been so frustrated in my life.

  3. Thanks so much. I love you the pace at which you speak and your directness (not going off on tangents). A lot of videos are a chore to listen to & watch.

  4. AslamoAlakm main ap k fabric ka stock holsal rats pa lana chahti hon plz ap moj sa contact karayn our moja btayn main stock kasa la sakti hon main fabric ka chota sa busines karti hon

  5. Great series of video's!! I'm in the same situations as others "manufacturing for my garment product and creating my prototype. I've been looking for years !! I'm ready to become a wholesaler in volume.

  6. Totally on the opposite side here, but when networking, you’ll never know who you’ll meet. Desperately looking for “to the trade only” designer home décor fabrics (Kravet, Lee Jofa, Brunschwig & Fils, Schumacher, Thibaut, Ralph Lauren). Your design may be unique, but this industry is very brand driven. You’re trying to get your start and need $250+ per yard fabric, which is made in the same print mill with the $5.00 per yard fabric. This fabric rarely makes it to jobbers or wholesalers. Maybe someone knows about a nameless shop, distributor, etc. Best Wishes to You All. Thanks John.

  7. I think I will only sell what I would wear. You know? Because if I'm not willing to wear it why should anyone else? Before I get into the process (Since I don't have money to invest) I'm doing research, and creating art. I'm trying to save myself a lot of time and possibly wasting money in the process. I'm looking to start YouTube and Vlogs or animation, Twitch for gaming and Instagram for beauty. 🙂 Before I start a clothing line two years from now that way I have people that can be aware or share my product! I'm really in love with business, music and art. I could do that with a clothing line. 🙂 I could put some music in my advertisement videos or future stores. 🙂 I don't know but I'll figure out away to have fun with music.

    I can't wait. Two years from now. I have to follow up with trends to I suppose. After T-shirts I totally want to expand into more things. Like backpacks for sure and more sweaters. I love Spencers and Hot Topic and Vans so my dream would go beyond clothing I want to go into shoes. That's my dream and to eventually create stores that eventually gets in the malls! What mall doesn't have Hot Topic or Forever 21 or Victoria Secret?

    I'm aiming for teenagers and college students I think if I ever do something for adults it would be online because adults have credit cards and debt cards they can use. Not many teenagers do and college students don't spend that much anyway. So I totally want to make some clothing affordable so parents won't be like "That store is to pricey" to kids who want to shop there.

    That's reaction I had from my parents and when I was in elementary I was so into the emo shit kinda still am and they would hide Hot Topic for me.

  8. Thank-you for your great videos. I have a question. How do I find a reliable manufacturer? There are so many out there and I do not know where to start. It is easy to purchase abroad when you want to purchase a specific product, but very difficult when you wish to create a product line. I have an accessory bag idea that I really want to offer, but I need help with finding a manufacturer. Can you help me?

  9. Hello, I am very struggling to even start somewhere.. i have every design and everything already ready, i just need to find the place to print the clothing.. could you please help me out? i could show you my business plan and everything that i have in mind. You are my last hope!!

  10. brotha great videos. you have a heart for giving keep that up. I have a question so you buy this fabric. and let's say buy just a little patch of fabric do you take this patch of fabric to show to the manufacturer and they will provide the rest ? or do you need to buy the rest of the fabric ?

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