How beauty brands failed women of color

But the industry is changing – and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty isn’t the only brand laying the foundation for a more inclusive beauty industry. Subscribe to our channel!


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How beauty brands failed women of color

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  2. I’m not as dark as the lovely women in this video, but I struggled with trying to find a shade for my medium skin tone they’re either too dark or too light. I was really happy when I got matched to a PERFECT shade just for me. Thanks RiRi! (It was Fenty Foundation)

  3. I was at big W the other day. I don’t really wear makeup but I felt like starting so I went into the makeup isle which was, mind you, really big. I just wanted some concealer. My skin colour is like a light brown. Every brand I looked at had TWO shades of concealer. Mid beige and light beige. And the only remotely dark foundation I saw was a light brown, and there was only product in all of the brands I saw. It was called “new complexion”. Like wow did y’all just realise the there are other skin colours than white? Where can I even find makeup that’s my skin colour and not too expensive? Like does that not exist?

  4. Surprisingly, I'm white, but the past few years I've had a bad skin reaction to the sun, so I've become super white. Well, I have a super hard time finding a light enough foundation and powder. The lightest foundation I've found for my skin tone is one that's way too yellow, but I cover it the best I can with a powder I order online (airspun). It's just as hard to find a super pale (and cool, not yellow-ish) tone of makeup!

  5. And I can't find a proper foundation because I'm too pale xD almost every fair color is too pink or too yellow and too dark and when I find something which is rather fine it turns out that other girls in my country have the same problem and during sales that color is almost always sold out xD

  6. First of all I am not trying to offend anyone, especially not people of color, but everyone talks about how hard it is for black women to find make up. I am a very pale girl and it’s not easy for us to find a concealer or foundation too. Make up brands usually have foundation for „medium“ skin tones and even though there are some called „fair“ or „light“ it’s not „pale“ enough for us. Even Rihanna’s make up like that has 40 different color choices has more choices for dark skin tones than for very light skin tones. Can someone speak for us out too?

  7. What about extremely pale skin? honestly its so hard for me to find a good foundation that's light enough for me. Let me tell u guys, the makeup market is full of 50 shades of beige…

  8. When 4:11 came in I'm like "WHATS IT GOT TO DO WITH MAKEUP??????" (im brown btw so dont attack me)
    Edit: also whats CULTURAL APPROPRIATION??? i think designs from africa are great to look at. why so salty black people?

  9. I remember going to a Lóreal make up class, where they tought ur tricks and fashions and so. There was a girl with very dark skin and they had no fundation wich matched her (not that she needed it BTW, she had the most perfect and flawless skin I´ve ever seen). Also, there was no option for people with very light skin, only the medium tones.

  10. Don’t forget about Bobbi Brown, who was a huge champion for representing deeper skin tones in her complexion products. She even admits that the company loses money on these deeper foundations, but that it’s more important that everyone is represented.

  11. There was always foundation in one range of color. Most foundation doesn’t even match most people, especially pale people and people of color. It’s time for change and it’s happening. Thank you, Fenty.

  12. For how long will women of color realize that these brands don’t care about y’all and will never care about y’all.
    They are set on the basis of European standards of beauty and White women will always be put first by the companies.

    Stop forcing them to make products they never wanted to make for you in the first place.
    Just stop using them. That’s the solution. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. It’s actually hard to make a darker shade right. Because most of the companies make them either to grey or to orange and the only brands that does darker shades right are high end brands. So I do feel bad for the black teenagers that can’t afford to go to Sephora and they won’t find their shade in the drugstore

  14. Honestly, Fenty Beauty is a good brand. it would do even better with time. It's not the best quality yet, but still, it's the only one, I'll be buying, because well it's "Black-Owned" and she did something other brands refused to do for so long.

  15. For a long time people of colour didn't bother to make their own lines. I also personally have worked with makeup for people of colour since the 1980s.

  16. 0:11 if you are a white person, PLEASE dont wear the trophy wife highlighter. It was not and never will be meant for you. Yes, Rhianna also released a highlighter for paler skin tones. (This is coming from a fellow white person)

  17. I'm peach white and pink at the same time and whenever I use foundation I turn out a whole different color and tried different shades but I just end up a different color every time and if I go to light of a shade the foundation won't even work so I've tried a couple shades under that and the same thing happens

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