House Votes 52-9 To Expel Democrat For Sex Scandal In Liberal State

Top Stories Today – House Votes 52-9 To Expel Sleazy Democrat For Sex Scandal In Liberal State ▻ Read More/ Source/ Credit(FAIR USE): ⭐ Please Donate & Support This…


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House Votes 52-9 To Expel Democrat For Sex Scandal In Liberal State

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    BREAKING! Major Dem Just EXPELLED From Office After Being Caught!
    Donald Trump Just Told A Crowd “Listen You Motherf*ckers…” And They Went Absolutely WILD!
    Brad Pitt Just Destroyed Career With Shock Announcement He Made About Shooting:

  2. Sounds like he was doing good and had support until he handed out those fliers which in turn proved his guilt. Go dems! You all too stupid for the seats you've been keeping warm.

  3. Just imagine how bad it would be for the democrats in the upcoming mid-terms if Trump woke up, took Emergency "LEGAL" Actions against the liberals within the MSM then removed and replaced them with people who only presented the truth to the American people. At the very least 95% of the liberals currently controlling and speaking for the MSM are guilty of sedition. Trump needs to swoop in and cart their sorry a**es off to jail and keep them there until their military tribunal. That would be the INSTANTANEOUS END of liberalism in the US. With the American people finally being told the truth for several months, their attitudes would become progressively anti-liberal democrat. After the mid-terms, there would not be a liberal democrat party. These people who follow the liberals are sheep. They'll follow whoever as long as whoever will think for them. It is time Trump and the Conservatives recognize this and start using it as a tool, just like the liberal democrats have. But first, we must shut the liberal left up. We keep saying that the MSM is the liberal's mouthpiece, therefore, we must remove the mouthpiece. That is incorrect. It is not the mouthpiece (The MSM) that is spewing liberalism just as it isn't guns that are killing people. It is the liberals that are spewing liberalism and not the mouthpiece, thus, we need to remove the liberals from the mouthpiece and not the other way around. America needs to wake one morning and find that their "usual" news reporters are out on "temporary field assignments." In their place are just regular looking news broadcasters but that is where the similarity ends. These replacements report the news as usual except that there is no bias and they only report the truth. No spin, no deception, no over dramatization, no lies, and no fake news. Believe me, if done gently most American sheep won't notice any change. But they will change. Instead of following the liberal narrative they will begin following the Conservative narrative. They are sheep, they will follow. The liberal elite, (they really aren't liberals), realised that a vast number of Americans are sheep and will follow anyone, no matter how radical or ridiculous. These elite have an agenda of world domination. In order to gain control of the US, they must remove the legitimate form of government and then, most importantly, confiscate all citizens firearms. If not for our 2nd amendment the USA would have been subjugated years and years ago. The 2nd amendment is the ONLY thing that has kept us as free as we are. To accomplish this they have worked diligently to undermine society and cause total societal collapse. They did their research and picked out the things that harm societies the most and began implementing "our" acceptance of those things. Do you remember being accused of being "Intolerant?" Labeling Conservatives as Intolerant, among many other labels, was their way of getting Conservatives to allow, just a little, of their harmful things to attack society with into our culture. It only took a little bit. After that it did what so many warned it would do, it got out of control. Now the elite has nearly reached their goal of total societal collapse. It has become neighbor against neighbor and nearly half the country divided. Next will be MANDATORY gun confiscation. The liberal elite is why we are having "school" shootings. Shootings in schools killing children for maximum effect. This is the tool the liberal elite are using to enact measures to confiscate all guns. Within minutes after a school shooting the entire liberal democrat party begins screaming to their mindless moron supporters that we must confiscate all guns. Even a fool knows that confiscating "honest' American's guns will do nothing to stop school shootings. If you want to stop school shootings then end liberalism. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. Liberalism is THE REASON for all the school shootings and 90% of all our other problems. This is why Trump must remove the liberals from the MSM. Once done then he controls the sheep and that is the end of liberalism in the USA.

  4. Need senate votes to review why abortion gets vote for but no one votes for medical coverage for pre existing dg…..pregnancy pre existed before for an abortion. ….drug addiction exist before rehab. … exists before disease process. ….breathing, eating voted chemicals exist before disease. … compende……think all living are zombies? …..dead in our heads……blind and deaf?….living and lie because you want us to??????……many arewaking! !!!!……just stretching and looking, talking, educating. …learning. …distinguishing between truth n BS…

  5. Old man Bush is responsible for torturing children, until they die, with cattle prods…a Republican…the last time I looked…both parties are garbage…

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