Here are the world’s richest black billionaires

In 2017, 10 of the world’s billionaires — fewer than 1% — are black, down from 12 last year, reports Forbes contributor Mfonobong Nsehe. Three of the 10 are …


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Here are the world’s richest black billionaires

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  1. Sorry if anyone took in a way that is segregating black and white. It's not meant to be that way. It's meant to attract black people who may be insecure in becoming millionaires and billionaires because of the lack of role models to look up to. I mean it's really really really hard to find a thin line of black billionaire owners. So that is why the name is called "black' billionaires. If there was a very very very thin line of white billionares and there was commonly known black billionares, there would be a video called "white' billionares.

  2. How can you take somebody serious as being being pro black with a wife women on the arm. Michael Jordan and Robert Smith both have white wives.

  3. With all due respect to my people , but all this does is give black people bragging rights . Meanwhile Haiti is still oppressed and super broke. Africa, the west Indies, British blacks and black people around the globe are super broke and STILL depending on white people to help them out in the Job Centres, housing, education, and security. SHAME on those rich black people who do nothing meaningful and visable to change the plight of black people. Black people need to start holding these gate keepers accountable and responsible. The white man is only to blame where it is due. He can't be blamed for the failure of the rich black elite to help their own poor black community come OUT of poverty. Poverty should NOT exists in the year 2017. It's a JOKE !!

  4. I dont get some white people. The world has less than 10 ethnic black billionaires and somehow you are shook by this clip?

    Maybe you should worry about the fact that there are far way more billionaires of Chinese descent.

  5. Why is there no list or order?cos the uploader of the vid must be a black American who is butthurt that the richest black man in the galaxy is not a black American;most of which have no culture or have very poor values lol.The richest black man is a Nigerian and a true African and there's two more Nigerians on the list even before Oprah and MJ.put some fcking respect on the names of Africans!!!!!!we don't all live in jungles and do not die from hunger has the media paints it😤😤😤

  6. this is a shameful list glorifying people who stole their countries natural resources, to benefit their own selfish interests,these African billionaires live in places where the average wage is two dollars a day,and people are literally starving,of course that woman is the youngest billionaire, her father put all the fraudulent deals he made in her name it's common knowledge, why glorify thieves,the guy who has the telecommunications company did the same thing as well as Carlos slim who has been defrauding his own people of Mexico for decades to become a billionaire, the corruption in Mexico is off the charts,these scammers should be in prison that young billionaire ladies husband just went to prison for fraud go look it up,it's disgusting

  7. Business Insider my ass you missed A LOT MORE billionaires, guess someone just decided to google or YouTube “black billionaires” and got the first few articles or videos, put their name on it and call it journalism lol

  8. & for those whites who are happy to see films on slavery but not on black inventors, black billionaires, black leaders & black pioneers ..shame on you are truly the scum of the earth

  9. Thank you business insider for showing this ..this is real black history ..better than all that slavery nonsense they try to peddle of as black history more of this less of kunta ..give black kids something to be proud of not something to feel inferior about

  10. Comment section is a bunch of jealous racists angry about black people that worked their asses off, got to the top and are being celebrated.. Sad sight ..even going out of their way to discredit these honorable men & woman

  11. Micheal Jordan is the worst billionaire. His shoes are worthless and keeps the hood in the hood. People rather buy his shoes than pay the.electric bill.

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