Guide to Up & Up Makeup Brushes!

Brand NEW NYX Makeup: QUICK REVIEWS- Express Channel MY SNAPCHAT… emilynoel83 Vlogs here— …


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Guide to Up & Up Makeup Brushes!

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  1. I bought the complexion brush today, I had never used any of their brushes before but it caught my eyes because of the short stiff bristles, I figure it would blend flawlessly. I bought a real techniques flat top brush I wasn't impressed because it wasn't stiff enough

  2. emilynoel83, about the buffing foundation brush-is it better for the bristles to tight and more dense or a little looser. Which is better for blending the foundation? Thanks.

  3. @Emilynoel83 what brush did you use to highlight the tip of your nose? I've never noticed you doing that in a tutorial but have noticed that you seem to be highlighted there. 😄😄

  4. the blush brush really is amazing! and I also bought the kabuki brush cause I needed a new one and it is also really really good! super soft and dense enough to blend out my contouring/blush but not too hard. I have found that cheap kabuki brushes tend to be not dense enough to do that but the up&up one definitely does!

  5. Hiya. I hack those "flat foundation brushes" to apply sticky peel off or mud masks. So much less mess and it feels a bit more spa like. Silly but at least they get used. Big Summers end love to all ♥ive&MB

  6. Great, informative video! 🙂 I will definitely be trying a few of these! One question: I'm shopping around for a travel-sized powder brush to keep in my purse that will get a lot of use… Would you recommend this retractable one (seems handy) or is there a better one in any travel kits, etc you've found?

  7. I just got the Complexion Brush yesterday and used it the first time this morning with MUFE Mat Velvet+ and I liked it but it left some streaks (that blended out when I set with powder) but really I thought it absorbed at lot of product. This is the first time I have used a  brush for my foundation. Is that normal? I liked the finished product but didnt' seem perfect.

  8. I'm loving the fact that you are reaching so many people and letting them know it's ok to buy inexpensive brushes! Alot of them are great quality and the best thing about "drugstore" brushes is that they go on sale AND sometimes there are coupons so you really can save alot instead of feeling like you have to spend $150 on a brush set. Also always always check out Amazon and the reviews on sets. My friend got a great synthetic kabuki face set for $10! She said the brushes were so similar to her Sigma and Sedona lace brushes. I have so many brushes and 75% of the time my favorite ones are the no name ones!

  9. I'm trying so hard to like the buffing brush and having such a hard time with it! LOL! I want to love it too. It soaks up the product and eats it so I tried Fix+ first, I get streaky marks from the bristles so I end up having to buff out with my Beautyblender, I don't get enough coverage so I end up using twice the amount of product than I do with my BB, argh!!! Am I the only person who's not had success with it? I use Mac Studio Fix fluid with it. Any tips?

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