Gucci Fall 2018 ILLUMINATI Fashion Show

The fashion house’s Fall 2018 show, the latest Gucci fashion line was unveiled & this show contain heavy symbolism. Subscribe: FACEBOOK:…


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Gucci Fall 2018 ILLUMINATI Fashion Show

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  1. This secret society dominate everything..they want men looks like women and women like men..and are evil and creepy too…and the fashion is horrible…nothing good to see …only crap!

  2. I'm actually very proud of Alessandro Michele doing that kind of things, and I love how all these people are fucking mad over "illuminati" shit…like what the fuck? How stupid people can be…

  3. Those models look soulless. How long can they keep living without a soul? Its a sad sad world we live in especially when you're seeing teenagers without soul's thats what they look like to me and so many others l dont understand how they get an audience for this fake fashion show. They're just pushing an agenda and a very sick one at that!!

  4. That's sickening and they call that creepy shit "Fashion?" Honestly!! Are they serious? And l cannot believe so many people are blind to this so called " fashion statement " Wake up people and stop bying these brands you're making the Illuminati more rich and controlling then they are already. Ps
    I wouldn't be seen dead in any of that garbage..

  5. I loved the show! Alessandro Michele has such a brilliant mind. I am laughing so hard also but I am sorry to say everything you said is projecting your own thoughts onto someone else and making shit up like this can be dangerous. Please stop telling lies for views and click-bait and get into some real conspiracies in your videos.

  6. For your information, I watched behind the scenes and watched an interview about the FW18 fashion show and the third eye represents a mystic creature from the Greek world. I do agree with most of what was said from this video.

  7. I think twins always symbolize " the death of old self" death of the ego" , body bag " can be lunar bodies, eye in middle of forhead" third eye. Giving birth to the light" christ , while the dragon awaits " time

  8. Please fashion is just that, FASHION and passing…. The cruise line video begins with Buddhist chanting with zero references of anything sinister. The only darkness to be found is the expectation to be found in desperate pages such as these. If you wish or desire to find darkness, evil or any depravity in life you need not look far. It is no farther than your own imagination, your own heart and projected from such places. Fashion is fleeting, your own perspectives may take a bit more polishing, just a thought. Love and Light always.

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