GRWM: Girls Night out | Plus Size Lookbook | Hair, Makeup, and Outfits!

Hello! Have fun getting ready with me! Also, the outfits are super comfy for dancing. I hope you like this video, if so click the thumbs up πŸ™‚ XOXO Shiann Makeup: …


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GRWM: Girls Night out | Plus Size Lookbook | Hair, Makeup, and Outfits!

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  1. Not trying to be mean.. She's just a fucking loser .. Apparently always with her family? Where is a boy or friends at? She literally just sits in her room and does makeup for nothing ..

  2. You are very gorgeous Shicurves. You have the most gorgeous hair ive ever seen… droooling at it. and i love your makeup, your very pretty without it too. And I just read some really horriblecomments on here and im so sorry that you have to hear stuff like that… but i guess when your public unfortunately hate comes to everyone, no matter who you are or what you may look like. I thought it was very beautiful, and you should always wear what you want to. All that matters is your happiness.
    Your room is amazing too.. you did a room video showing us your amazing room and furniture and decor but you didnt show the bathroom! is it not super cute and decorated like ther est of the room? Love your channel.

  3. love your out fit..and your shoes.. your pretty plus size girl.. love your room πŸ˜ƒ What is your skin care routine, You seem to have great skin..I always break out..

  4. That dress does NOT flatter you one bit. If you didn't have a head I'd mistake you for a beach ball. I saw a nice outfit you once wore that was nice and business-like, and it looked lovely on you, but that dress… really no.

  5. i love everything about this look! im going clubbing in like 3 days and im nervous. i've got a black long sleeve off the shoulder bodycon dress and i have the 'fupa' that sticks out even with shapewear (its like a big thing that sticks out, my fat is distributed weirdly (i look pregnant)) and i want to wear nude tights just to get rid of anything on my legs but then it'll hurt my inner thighs if i wear it with the shapewear and just omg. theres so many things to consider and i just. i know im creating an imaginary audience and im over thinking and idk i just ughh. we're going to a gay club, hopefully the people will be great, im just worried about how i look its crazy. hetero clubs just seem like theyll have too many fuckboys and sluts you know? why arent i worried about my exam tomorrow that's worth 40% of my unit shit

  6. I wish I knew how to apply foundation all over my face. I don't know why but when I apply it all over my face, my skin looks clumpy and not smooth. It also leaves my face looking very oily and feels gross. Is there a trick?

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