Girl Chat: Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

It’s being reported that singer Mariah went under the knife after being constantly body shamed by critics. Do you applaud Mariah for doing this, or is the move too drastic? Sound off below!…


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Girl Chat: Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

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  1. No! We need to stop being so lenient with obesity. Should we body-shame? NO. But we shouldn't sit by and watch friends and family become obese due to unhealthy lifestyles. If you see a problem, tell the person there is a problem instead of keeping quiet and encouraging obesity and unhealthy habits.

  2. I love that they respect Mariah Carey if she got surgery or not but who cares it's 2017 and we don't know if she got or or not but hey its her body and her money so if Mariah Carey got the surgery congratulations.

  3. I won’t call surgery the easy way out because I don’t think it is, but most likely if you get surgery you’ll become a slave to it. Whereas working out — if possible— becomes a lifestyle with proper diet & exercise. I also loved what Jeannie had to say about it not being anyone else’s business. I don’t think The Real should do celebrity gossip either — it’s quite hypocritical. 😒

  4. Looking good ladies!
    She probably gained the weight from all the stress she has been under the last couple of years. Yes, your body changes as you age, but you can still look nice. Watch your caloric intake, do cardio and strength training. Don’t eat what you can’t work off (burn off with exercise) that day. You don’t have to be skinny. You should be a healthy weight though. Mariah probably felt she didn’t have time to loose the weight before her big holiday concerts.

  5. Guys who comment do not be upset by the responses these are rumors they are speaking from a area of if and not knowledge! #lambily has stayed that Mariah uses a hormone for her voice that keep it better for the end of the year! The medication induces bloating… the massive weight loss is her off the medication! However this may not be true regardless we don’t know until Mariah tells us! The real cohost aren’t judging just speaking from a personal opinion of if she did it and to address a much bigger issue or topic… THIS IS HOW THEY ALWAYS START BIGGER TOPICS THEY ENGAGE YOU THEN TALK ABOUT AN UNDERLYING DEEPER CONVERSATION

  6. JEANNIE, you. are. so. right. I felt you were being extra honest in this clip, or maybe I just resonated with what you said. I think you have the ability to be so clear, concise, super thoughtful and also insightful with your statements and I admire that about you<3

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