FIVE! Almost, PERFECT CONCEALERS! LINKS! Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector Bobbi Brown Serum Corrector


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  1. Wayne Goss, how do these concealers work with flash photography? I'm Maid of Honor, need medium built to high coverage if needed. I need it to look great in pro photography outdoors AND indoors. Much appreciated on your reply! Thanks mate, love your vids

  2. Have you ever tried the Tart Shape Tape? Is is available where you live? I wanted to know what you thought of it if you have tried it…I value you opinion very much and have tired some products that you have recommended and liked them as well!

  3. Wayne I just wanna say a massive thank you to you Ive been following you for a while now and your videos are a godsend, your tips are absolutely amazing and Im all here for it. Thank you so much for putting your time into doing these I promise it does not go unnoticed and you help immensely. Much Love <3

  4. The too faced one seems to be garbage on me. I had to throw it away after using it for a few months. It disappeared into my skin in 1 hr. I had to apply it several times. It didn’t even have good coverage. Maybe it’s for people with great skin. The nars is probably the best concealer I have ever tried

  5. What's your opinion about the Estee Lauder Double Wear- stay in place flawless Concealer? I always heard it's the best concealer.. I really need Concealer because I'm always very dark under my eyes (because of allergies) and I also always have swollen eyes. Thank you,- I like your videos very much.

  6. I really wanted to try the laura mercier but the lightest shade is darker than my foundation. In all fairness tho concealer looks absolutely aweful under my eyes.

  7. I had watched your videos Wayne for years before I met my current boyfriend, and I don't know what happened but I forgot about your channel a few years and just now return for some makeup tips. And just now realize why I fell for his looks– he looks just like you that's why! 😀 Sending you lotsa love from Sweden

  8. I love the becca aqua luminous concealer. I have found this brightens my under eye area and doesn’t look or feel heavy under my old tired eyes. It also blends in beautifully and doesn’t appear to show up lines like other concealers do. I am 46 and absolutely have fallen in love with this one.

  9. The bobbi brown serum thing does nothing to me… I guess I'm on a different level on darkness around the eye?! At the moment I need 4 different concealer to leave the House…maybe you have any recommandations for my fair skin and my dark circles 😎 Greetings from austria

  10. I’d love a big drugstore cult fav video and see you go to town. Ask your subs their cult fav products and try some!! I bet millions of ppl would watch because your so fancy. Lol. Xoxo.

  11. I just wanted to say thanks. I love your videos, and thanks for your video talking about RCMA makeup. I have very sensitive combo skin (for the first time in my life, I'm dealing with dry skin, I'm 53). I haven't been able to find a makeup that doesn't break me out after a few wearings until I tried RCMA. Now, I don't break out, and I can adjust my makeup to my skin color (I am very fair, and have a lot of red undertone in my skin related to an auto immune disease). I love RCMA makeup so much, and no breakouts and no itching, and it lasts all day! i especially love the range of colors and that you can use the blush colors to mix lip shades as well! Also, their No Color Powder is GREAT! Thanks for turning me onto this great product line Wayne!

  12. Wayne, are you not using more Chantecaille products? In fact I have never seen you use any of their products. They are absolutely amazing, and yes pricey but they truly sit wonderfully on the skin and I would say that out of all the concealers I have ever tried, theirs is the one that stays put all day with (almost) no creasing at all. Please do a video with Chantecaille!

  13. I recently bought Glossier's Stretch Concealer for the under eye area. Only worn it once (yesterday) and like it so far. I didn't use a setting powder over it and it didn't crease like all of my other concealers. Will try it again tomorrow.

  14. Wayne, Please help!! I have deep set eyes and very dark circles. I had a lady at the Lancome counter ask if someone had blacked both of my eyes (RUDE), and that was with concealer. I've tried everything and nothing seems to make much difference. I'm almost 60, could you make a suggestion? Thank you!! 🙂

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