ENTIRE Hair Transplant Surgery Video – Beginning to End

One of the biggest myths in the hair-transplant industry is that “with just one procedure a full and complete result can be achieved”. That’s only true if you haven’t yet lost much hair, but…


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ENTIRE Hair Transplant Surgery Video – Beginning to End

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  1. Bro pls amswer after hair transplant … lets say 7 months after ur hair has grown decent enough … if u shave it or keep it 1mm the growth will again take time??? I mean after 7 months of transplanted I cut it short for anothrr transplant and its been 2 months now the hair look sparse…

  2. David I am planning to get my first hair transplant in Feb of next year with dr Path in Thailand. FUT 3500 grafts i was quoted. i am confident i am making the right decision but the only thing bothering me is the idea of the strip scar. i was hoping to be able to have the short hair at the back and sides sort of metro look but i know the scar will prevent that. however i heard that surgeons can actually do FUE to transplant hair into the scar to hide it better or even SMP. if u have any comments or feedback in regards to my concern it would be greatly appreciated and thanks so much for the videos.

  3. Bro I did hair transplant before 14 days when I wash my hair so falling many hair with black black when I sad to doctor so he told me falling hair is regrowth…. it's true just tell me plzzzz plzzzz I m waiting for your answer plzzzz

  4. Hey David thanks for all your videos they are great and I learned a lot. I'm gonna be getting an Fut procedure done with Dr. Diep in Los Gatos and I plan to not shave my recipient area as well. Just curious if you think there was a difference in growth between when you shaved or didn't shave?? Also I plan to do a max harvest 5000 grafts. I am 27 years old and a Norwood 4. Just wondering if looking back now would you choose to do one large procedure instead of doing 3 smaller ones and why? Thanks for the help and keep up the good work👍

  5. hey man. don want to ask about the price cause i know already and its expensive. you can have it done in one operation or two max as u went fut, maybe one of them didnt workout with you . but what i would like to know what norwood you is? how many grafts u did? didnt git the Per tissue thing if u can explain.
    you look better after. cheers.

  6. Did it hurt? I am a girl and I have a similar problem I had beautiful hair but on both the edges it is receding so I am thinking of having the procedure.

  7. please sir / ma help me with this question.
    after 3 month of my hair transplant I discovered my hair is growing back but am so worried now because the new coming hair is not growing like my normal hair this coming hair is very soft
    so please is this the way hair transplant grows for the first time?

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