eBay tutorial how to start selling secondhand clothing tips & tricks

This video will help you get started selling secondhand clothing on eBay.


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eBay tutorial how to start selling secondhand clothing tips & tricks

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  1. Hi Mam, First of all, I liked your video. I was just wondering whether you are interested to sell/trade pure leather women's accessories, and also women's Tops/Blouses..? I am a designer from INDIA and can supply you goods at a very cheap and reasonable rate (I have my own manufacturing set up). Please let me know if you care interested. My email ID – [email protected]gmail.com. Thank you.

  2. I sell on eBay and so far have limited myself to low risk items whose appeal is based on factors less subjective than the nuances of personal taste. My selling niche also doesn't attract the sort of buyer likely to engage in fraudulent or bad faith purchases. I have sold hundreds of items, and have yet to experience a returned item or problem buyer.

    For these reasons, I've always been wary of selling women's clothing due to the high likelihood of returns. Clothing sales often attract buyers who purchase an item with the intent to wear it for a particular occasion, only to then return it. To guarantee a full refund and no questions asked, buyers who are familiar with eBay's return policy may deliberately damage an item and/or claim the item was not as described. In both cases, eBay usually sides with the buyer. If the seller receives a return of the item at all (at their expense), it may be damaged or worn and not able to be resold.

    Even in good faith situations, there is no guarantee that the item will fit the buyer. The listing may contain comprehensive measurements, yet all bodies are shaped differently and a good fit is very subjective. I can't imagine the challenges in attempting to sell an item that fits close to the body, like a pair of trousers. Buyers may also not carefully read the measurements in the listing if they are preoccupied with a nice photo, resulting in a purchase that does not fit. Personal taste is also an issue if the item appears slightly different in person than when viewed on their browser. For some buyers, the feel of the fabric may not be what they expected and they are disappointed.

    I love clothes and have gathered together both vintage and new items that I know would have a wide appeal in the marketplace. Much of it is formal wear that has a high risk of being purchased with intent to wear, then returned once no longer needed. I would love to sell these items, yet the potential hassle has so far prevented me from listing. How do you avoid the lost time and expense of dealing with boomerang sales and returns of items that arrive in worn or damaged condition?

  3. in my opinion, stain removal is definitely important. that's possibly where a lot of us will have issues. some people may destroy their clothing by not using the correct product or using the wrong technique

  4. Hi Sarah
    Thanks for your great videos. Can you give me some tips on buying a manniquin on Amazon or eBay. I sell mostly women's clothing anywhere from a small to extra large. Should I get a small or medium mannequin? Which ones can you put pants on? I know I will need to pin some of my garments to make them more formfitting, so I'm sure I should look for something pinnable and height adjustable. I could really use some help of somebody that has mannequins and knows more about them than I do.
    I don't want to get one that no clothes will fit and I can't put pants on, if I need to. Because once I buy it, be a nightmare to ship it back. Please help!
    Thanks so much

  5. Ah contrair its not boring at all. 03:04I saw this video a while back and came back looking for it today because I have a beautiful pair of pants 4o sell but they have a small stain and I remember you said something about oxi clean

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