Easy Halloween Makeup: Pop Art Skull

I wanted to create a few Pop Art inspired looks this Halloween. This is my Pop Art Skeleton look. It really is simple to do just a little time consuming if you’re painting on yourself. I reference…


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Easy Halloween Makeup: Pop Art Skull

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  1. I dont know what to say, but that its pretty cool. Roses are red, i dont know if vailets are blue, everytime i see you i get a boo. Just alittle rhym for the funny bones. Good night.

  2. you might not see this but i honastly love you so so much <3 back in 2012 i went through a really hard time and came across youtube from taliajoy18. i then was scrolling through youtube and came across your lady gaga $1 skeleton video and as i love lady gaga, i decided to try it out! i was hooked! Since then i have practiced and Practiced and have also joined a make up artistry course and have started a youtube channel for makeup all at the age of 14 and am so looking forward to my future in make up! i love you so so much and will always renember you x Thank you

  3. I'm sure my comment will get lost.
    I'm curious as to why this piece is considered Pop Art.  Pop Art is a movement driven by the process of critiquing modern society, thought, norms, and in most cases the rapid growth of consumerism.  Now is this piece Pop Art simply because of it's bright colors?  Sure, and artists like  Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein incorporated vibrant colors into their work, but what made it technically made them part of the Pop Art movement was their critique on life, society, etc.  As an artist who is reaching mass amount of people through YouTube and other social media outlets it should be a small part of your mission to educate those who may not know much about what they are viewing.  Calling something Pop Art when it is not is giving people the wrong idea about the very thing great artists worked so hard to create.
    I will say though that I do love your art, and this piece in particular is absolutely stunning.  I just wanted to let you know that maybe you should watch how you label some of your art.  Use your popularity to teach people, about the world you love so much, in a sort of not in your face kind of way.  
    Keep doing what you're doing!  I love watching your videos. 
    Much love,
    An art student, an artist, and a fellow body paint lover

  4. I think it looks better with your natural eyes! Thank you for putting out some easy Halloween tutorials where people don't have to be crafty and good at painting and such. Very cool I really need to invest in some face paint so I can start trying some of this stuff! I have sensitive skin so I'm afraid to buy some then only waste my money to have my skin break out or something.

  5. I'm curious about why you can't wear contacts. They would probably really improve the look, but if you can't due to health or something, it's totally fine. I think it's better with the black and natural eye color. I dunno, but the drawn eyes looked a little wonky on it. It's also a versatile look that's really simple so you can add as many cracks as you want. I'd like to see you maybe try a realistic skeleton with black facepaint all over your body and like a bone white, grey, and yellowish shading if you haven't done one already. 

  6. Oh wow girl you've did an amazing job! Again!
    Showing Hoe to do this is less than 3 minutes is also really cool ^_^
    I think I will definitely recreate this look! Show you a picture when I've did ^_^

  7. AMAZING!!! on one of your next Halloween makeup tutorials could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a pretty/scary vampire look that is suitable for mid teens?! Cause all the tutorials I find are to over the top and are to "sexual looking" for my age group. It would mean so much if you could help, love your videos! Ily

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