Easy Everyday Makeup Tutorial for Mature Women

Get Ready With Me! Here’s a fresh easy full face makeup look using my fool-proof, go-to, favorite products!! Tarte CC Matte Palette, IT Celebration Foundation, …


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Easy Everyday Makeup Tutorial for Mature Women

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  1. Hi Angie and thank you for this video. It helped me with how to apply with the pore area. I found that when i put liquid foundation on my nose i have to go up in brush strokes as wella as down because downwards accentuates the pores. Thanks for your vids. Gonna see if i can find any more of your techniques to learn from. Thanks again xx ps. How do you do your brows as I didnt see in this video xx

  2. Thanks for being here for us more mature women..Sick of seeing 20 year old tell me how to put on 30 products…You look great and I've learned a lot from you. Makeup I use to wear just doesn't look good anymore.. almost 60 and feel that mineral and powders don't work with me anymore..to drying.. but finding a alternative has been a challenge. Thanks again..Syl

  3. Hi Im a bit confused to what you have on under your eyes before you start with the makeup. You say you have nothing on but i can clearly see you do. sorry i just dont want to miss anything as im going to give this a go. thankyou

  4. Please don't listen to all those women who make it a point, to point out what they think are your insecurities. Some women are envious and others are just miserable old coots. who won't be happy unless they destroy someone.
    You are BEAUTIFUL and look better than most even younger women.

    Some are too lazy to practice to make it look good and take their anger out on you. Just ignore their comments and know we love you and appreciate your help and tips.

    I have not worn makeup for over a decade. I used to be a pro at applying makeup, now that I am starting again, I have discovered my lips are disappearing, my eyes are droopier (my crease went somewhere, I don't know where, lol) and my skin is not what it used to be, lol Watching women like you, gives me encouragement and motivates me to keep on trying <3 Thank you. Grace

  5. A good tutorial as usual. Sadly I haven't got the time to do all of this. My skin is also oily and I'm the same age as you. Any tips on making your makeup last all day?

  6. THIS is what I've been looking for! I'm 30, and I don't have crepey skin or big bags, but I am starting to notice tiny lines around my eyes. More than that, I'm just not into these Hollywood looks with highlighter, and drawn eyebrows, and shimmer, and contour, and fourteen different shades of eyeshadow. I don't want to wear a mask, I just want to brighten things up and look put together. THANK YOU for this!!!

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