Dragon Age Inquisition – Class Build – Dual Dagger Tempest Rogue Guide!

Want to get your hands dirty? Want to feel a pair of Daggers dig into the flesh of your enemies at Lightning speed? Want to feel the Fire repeated uppercuts? Dual Dagger Tempest is for you!

PLEASE NOTE: At the time of recording this video, I had not yet unlocked Sneak Attack, which dramatically increases the critical hit chance. So I’m not critical hitting as much and therefor, not really demonstrating the potential damage output. The damage increase from that passive is HUGE and really helps to carry any DDagger build! Feel free to unlock it as soon as you like.

This guide focuses on how to build your class using a combination of standard skills from the Sabotage, Subterfuge, Double Dagger skill trees, and new active and passives from the Tempest specialization.

With about 15-20 points to place, you can put together a very powerful Dual Dagger Tempest that has everything it needs to dominate on the battlefield.

Double Dagger

Twin Fangs /
Ripping Fangs (Skill upgrade) /
Flank Attack /
Skirmisher (Skill upgrade) /
Dance of Death /
Sneak Attack /


Caltrops to get Looked Like It Hurt, a great passive that regens stamina with every critical hit. /
Poisoned Weapons /
Infected Wounds (Skill upgrade)


Lost in the Shadows (Optional skill upgrade) /
Evasion /
Evade /
Ambush /
Shadow Strike /
Quick Blade (Skill upgrade)


Flask of Fire /
Unquenchable Flames /
Fury of the Storm /
Thousand Cuts /
Killer’s Alchemy /
Flask of Lightning /

Confirmed as of Jan 4th, 2015, the Flask of Fire and 1000 Cuts still works! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t72Vbp4s02g

Basic opening combo I use – Stealth, Poisoned Weapons (does not remove stealth!) Twin Fangs, basic attack till they get up, Flank Attack followed by an immediate Shadow Strike (hopefully the enemy is still turned away, if not, move around the back and then Shadow Strike)

Attacking with Shadow Strike at our targets back lowers all of your active cooldowns. Combine Flask of Fire with Shadow Strike and not only will you uppercut the hell out of the enemy, but all your cooldowns, including Flask of Fire you just used, will be dramatically lowered.

Flask of Lightning is a fantastic ability to freeze time and go berserk on enemies. I like to focus this on enemies that are evasive to keep them from moving while I destroy them in a flash!

Stay in stealth as often as possible. Staying out of site means you won’t have aggro and therefor, can survive the wrath of many dangerous enemies. To help with survival for my party, especially for my DDagger Rogue, I bring my support build Vivienne (A build I will release later) to spam Barrier to protect all allies in melee range.

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Dragon Age Inquisition – Class Build – Dual Dagger Tempest Rogue Guide!

Comments 34

  1. soooo I guess they nerfed a lot of things over the last year. knight enchanter got nerfed and it would also seem at least 1 ability nerfed for rogues and that would be twin fangs. it used to be 266 percent wep dmg now it's just 200 percent. kinda sucks

  2. I just don't get why you didn't 1v1 the dragon… Fun that way rather than specing 100% to just kill it. You'd have to load back in order to fight it again.

  3. Getting the tempest tree makes the game a little dumb , imo all you really need to do is flask of fire and spam deathblow. Put a on hit guard masterwork on a dagger and your almost invincible

  4. Fighting a dragon just use skirmisher to change sides. And assassin rogue is much smarter, you are at max stamina since assassin specialization has an auto crit perk with stealth and you are always in stealth since you kill a target and get it back as another perk and you have 2 potential stealth abilities which also gives you unlimited stamina with the sabotage perk for stamina every crit. This strategy of a build kills any heavy target (Dragons included) in seconds. You could just death blow after twin fangs against every small target otherwise with this^ lol.

  5. imo it would be better to skip reading the description since we can read it for ourselves and it's not that relevant since it's just the lore of the ability, the time can be better spent with you talking about the mechanic itself and it's application. ty for the guides.

  6. I know it's a bit late for DAI but I have a question KineticGTR – Was the Fire Potion + The Focus thing a bug ? Did they fix it? Is it still Working ?

  7. My lvl17 DD Rogue's hit chance is 87%, it hits about 2-3k crit when attack front of an enemy, and 6-8k when flanking. Hopefully that's not game breaking…

  8. how come all of this guys videos makes me watch the same ad for 30 seconds every time i click his video and interrupted 4xs during one of his videos?
    Does he get money for the ads or its random? cuz it sure don't happen when i watch other vids with more subs and views. WTF

  9. So I have a bit of a question:

    can anyone tell me if it's possible to make a combat rogue? I want to rely on less stealth and just ripping people to shreads. I realize it would be different and really difficult to craft, but I'm really intrested in that play style

  10. So I have a bit of a question:

    can anyone tell me if it's possible to make a combat rogue? I want to rely on less stealth and just ripping people to shreads. I realize it would be different and really difficult to craft, but I'm really intrested in that play style

  11. Hi, is this build still viable on the most recent patch ? Going to start playing DA:I Deluxe Edition and don't know what class to pick. What class is decent in the latest patch ?

  12. I have a question. What is the diference between the main character and the allies? Because I was thinking, I'm now a archer and I think I'm going to change to dual daggers. But what if I wanted to play like… Rift mage? Should I create one and lvl it up from 0 or I can just build it on my mage ally? Is there a difference??

  13. Hi guys I need some help here,
    this is my second time playing DAI and I suck at it,
    might be the way I built my team, it was a mess lol.
    I plan on building an offensive archer,
    can anyone recommend me a perfect party combo?
    Or should I just stick with Cass Varric and Voldemort here

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