DIY Stretch Mark Home Remedy ♡ get rid of scars! | DIY Beauty

Hey Loves! This video has been really requested and i am excited to share it with you because i have found it really effective! stretch marks: (mine are on the …


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DIY Stretch Mark Home Remedy ♡ get rid of scars! | DIY Beauty

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  1. this is the first video where i hear someone mention the growth spurts as a cause of stretch marks! it's so true to! by the time i was in the 6th grade i was 5'8 and i've been soo embarrassed to go swimming and things like that because of the stretch marks!

  2. Argan Rain %100 Pure Argan Oil Treatment is t he best moisturizer for my face and I have tried many. My only criticism would be that it is brown in color so be sure to rub it in very well as I h ve left the house on more than one occasion and noticed, once in better light, that it is discolored around my hairline where I did not rub it in well enough. This product is well worth the money.

  3. i have alot of white stretchmark on butt, thigh, behind knees and boobs.. i only have super small boobs! i hate them! someone told me to avoid the sun.. the tanner u get, it will be more visible on your skin! i cant enjoy any activities under the sun!!! 😣

  4. Would including lavender essential oil help in this mixture? I heard Lavender oil reduces scars, and stretch marks, of course are scars. I'm sure adding it couldn't hurt, but I want to be sure.
    Thanks so much for all your time and info you put into your videos. I just found your channel and I've been binge watching for about 3 hours now 😀

  5. I went from 110 to over 400 pounds in just 2 years (now back under 250) thanks to my ex husband and personal serious medical issues….the stretch marks are humiliating and everywhere!!! I can't wait to try this and see if it can help at least a little bit. I do not expect any miracles, but ANY improvement will be eternally appreciated and worth trying for!!

  6. i really feel bad with my white stretch marks.. envy with those girls who can wear a bikini in the beach.. huhu.. any help hope can i remove it.. ive been using diforent products but still nothing changed..)) :

  7. The result of making use of “vobo shocking” (Google it) is very outstanding. My skin has become not only more soft and supple but looks significantly better after trying this cellulite trick. Simply google “vobo shocking” and you can check out the reviews and try the product yourself.

  8. If you haven't used Argan Rain Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treatment you should. It works been using if for 21 years now. I am living proof and I am using the product for my stretch marks.

  9. There are a few components to treating stretch marks at home. One plan I discovered that successfully combines these is the Javins Magic ßPlan (google it if you're interested) it's the most useful resource i've seen. Check out the awesome information .

  10. There are several factors in removing stretch marks naturally. One place I discovered that successfully combines these is the Javins Magic Plan (check it out on google) it's the best guide i've heard of. look at the extraordinary info .

  11. There are several components to exercises to relieve stretch marks. One resource I found that successfully combines these is the Javins magic plan (check it out on google) definately the no.1 resource i've seen. Check out the interesting information .

  12. There are several tips for curing stretch marks
    Apply any of the following – milk, aleo vera, and vanilla extract
    Eat berries, acai and citrus fruits
    exercise more
    Drink larger amounts of water – assists in to detoxify
    (I learned these and why they work on Javins magic plan website )

  13. here's a few suggestions for removing stretch marks naturally
    Apply any of the following – milk, aleo vera, and ground coffee
    Take natural Herbs
    do more exercise
    Drink larger amounts of milk – assists in flush toxins
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Javins Magic Plan website )

  14. There are a few suggestions for lessening stretch marks
    Apply any of the following – peanut butter, aleo vera, and vanilla extract
    Take natural Herbs
    exercise more
    Consume larger amounts of water – helps to detoxify
    (I read these and the reasons they work on Javins Magic Plan website )

  15. This would obviously work quite easily for dark, new stretch marks because they're fresh and easier to treat, but what about older white ones. They are harder to remove and I have a lot of them, I'm wondering if this remedy has worked for anyone's white stretch marks at all??

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