Clown Makeup How-to, Diabolical Clown Halloween Makeup Tutorial

An Illusion Lab Look Tutorial showing how you can create your own creepy Diabolical Clown makeup for Halloween, Film or theater production. WEBSITE: Halloween makeup,…


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Clown Makeup How-to, Diabolical Clown Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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  1. This is obviously how Warner Bros did Tim Curry's makeup when he portrayed Pennywise the Dancing Clown in their film adaptation of Stephen King's IT in 1990. I'm dressing up as Evil Ronald McDonald for Halloween this year (2014) and I want my makeup done the same way it was done here in the video. I just need to buy a prostetic rubber clown nose with some spirit gum, red & black grease paint, a bald cap, a curly red wig, big red shoes, red & white striped socks, white gloves, and a yellow jump suit to look like Ronald McDonald.

  2. Hello Henry, did you use spirit gum remover to remove the prosthetic? You should always use the appropriate remover when removing adhesive from the body, and work very slowly taking it off. You can use pros aid to stick on prosthetics, yes. Pros aid is even more strong than spirit gum though, so you will need to be extra careful when removing it, and again, be sure to use pros aid remover when removing a prosthetic that was applied with pros aid.

  3. Practice does make perfect!! So glad we could help! We would love to see your creation! If you like, post a photo of your makeup on our facebook page (link above)!!

  4. yeahhh… yesterday for my clown makeup I added too much caster oil so the makeup didn't cover that well:/ but everyone still loved my costume at Scare A Con yesterday!:) Practice makes perfect:) Thanks for the tips!

  5. And you said castor oil can be used to thin the RMG? I went to the store and bought castor oil, will that work or is there a special castor oil to be used?

  6. RMG is short for Rubber Mask Grease Makeup and it is formulated specifically for use over latex and foam latex prosthetics and appliances. It's much thicker and more highly pigmented than the regular Creme Makeup.

  7. Check out our website! There are links in the description where you can find all the rubber mask grease makeup we used in the video plus lot's of other colors too!

  8. Hi MohawkKid10! Are you using creme makeup on your latex prosthetic? That can cause issues if you are, foam latex will absorb the creme makeup and make it look really chalky. Use RMG (Rubber Mask Grease Paint) when you want to make-up latex prosthetics. If you are using RMG try adding extra Castor Oil to the makeup, RMG tends to be very thick, thinning it down with the castor oil might help it go on more smoothly. Hope this helps!!

  9. how did the make up spread on so easily? im trying to put make up on my foam latex prosthetic and its just not going on as easily or with the control i want it to. Any suggestions?

  10. Looked good till they went crazy with the stipple sponge. But it was helpful none the less… Love your videos. Very helpful for someone just playing around with character looks and special effects make up.

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