Cloud mobile ♥ DIY

I wanted to create this DIY in April for April showers but its appropriate for this month since it has been raining in LA! (It NEVER rains!) Today I wanted to show you all how I made this cloud…


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Cloud mobile ♥ DIY

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  1. It is so beautiful, I want to décor my bedroom, I want it be romantic and warm. My mom give me a awesome birthday gift. IBEET Glow in the Dark Stars 252 PCS. Good price.So I make a fantastic starry sky on my bedroom ceiling. I love it!!

  2. mine turned out super cute. at first i was like eh… and slightly upset that i burned the shit out my thumb not paying attention to where i had just stuck the glue, but once i got it out up above my daughter's bed i was liked omg! amazing!

  3. thanks tiff i already tried it and i'm so happy with it but i'm never sad when it rains because i live in Nevada and its always really hot there so yeah . DIY RULES

  4. Hi Tiff, well I have made a few of these! GREAT IDEA.. but I did do something different.. and it looks KOOL at night.. I went to the hobby store and got some Glow in the Dark Spray Paint. " Krylon" and man do they look kool at night.. Thanks again!!! I did try some other Brand of paint.. Did NOT work as good as Krylon did so I stick with them.! Wonderful Ideas you have!!

  5. I'm so glad that you made this. I'm moving soon and not to the best area, the only thing that is good is that I get to be with all of my pets and my whole family. I also finally get my own room for the first time ever! My parents said I could decorate my own room and I'm definatly going to make one of these. They make me happy just looking at them. Thank you Tiffany.

  6. I'm gonna make this or the cloud light for my new baby cousin that'll be here in the summer. I can't wait for him/her to arrive and I think my aunt would love to have one of these for the baby! Xx thank you tiff for such wonderful ideas and inspiration! Xx ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Love this DIY. I tried it and I love it! But quick question…. Is she saying "badding"? Because, I thought it was "bedding"…. Are they two different things or is she just saying it in a way that is making it sound like "badding"…. Or is it actually called badding…. Idk Maybe I am the only one that heard it that way…. But I still love this DIY….

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