Civilization 5 – Filthy’s Wonder Tier List

Filthy rates the wonders in Civilization 5: Brave New World for multiplayer play. Special thanks to SuperJonM for compiling the time stamps for me. Cheers mate!


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Civilization 5 – Filthy’s Wonder Tier List

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  1. For anyone looking to apply this video to single-player Civ vs. AI (Emperor and above), apply the following changes:

    – Ancient era wonders are almost irrelevant because you can't get them. The AI will almost certainly build them first; plans to get them almost cripple you longterm.
    – Classic/Medieval wonders have similar drawbacks, BUT are sometimes buildable. You must rush for them but getting, say, Petra is possible on a good start if you move quick.
    – All tourism Wonders become more valuable than listed here; Tourism wins ARE plausible vs AI. Most of those wonders become T3 to T4 – helpful but not gamechangers alone.
    – Porcelain Tower is better because AI will still make research agreements with you.
    – CN Tower is less bad if you've gotten a wide empire (implausibly wide for multiplayer). This is better the wider your empire is. 6FFA Quick Speed you'll never get large enough to make this any good, but in a vs. AI domination game this can be a lot of population, and a net happiness up combined with happiness policies and/or wonders.
    – Neuschwanstein and Kremlin are less bad because you can more easily spare or steal your way over to Railroad tech for them. The science race is less critical.

  2. The Great Firewall is only useful in singleplayer if you're going for a tall, slower but more consistent culture victory strategy where you do NOT want a runaway civ to build it and also everyone is spying on you. You only grab it to secure your victory even harder, but if you're trying to turtle and not use a city spam aggro gimmick, I say why not.
    -EDIT It should be noted that you really should bulb into the Internet and then research into Computers. At this point, you really should've won by now but I've had games with up to 3 culture heavy civs; so ahead of time I chose to take the slower high base tourism route.
    It should also be noted that this DOES happen more consistently than I would've liked, so I tend to build this wonder in more games than I'd like to admit. It's obviously best to spam Great Musicians in a local city you've gifted to the runaway AIs during the International Games, but that requires you to be well prepared ahead of time to win on the spot with a CV in mind well in advance.

  3. Hey there! Thanks for the work you invest in your videos. Very informative. Can you please fix the link for the spreadsheet as it is not working? Thanks a lot.

  4. Good but has too much emphasis on the 'opportunity cost' and multiplayer focused. Wonders are built to give you a bonus you don't originally have, regardless of how useful it is. Also depending on what victory route you are taking will determine which wonders have greater priority (or what civ you are). And while I agree on several of your tier choices like: Great Library, Prora, and Alhambra, this really overlooks a few things.
    1) Neuschwanstein: this should be built regardless of what is going on. All the benefits it gives castles is free because that building has no upkeep! Plus castles should be in most of your cities for defense anyways so get more out of it. Also goes great with Autocracy.
    2) Pyramids: its not about building roads, its the tile improvements that this gives when combined with the liberty policy. And the two free workers is less production to spend on them and work your tiles. Build a market and trade routes to cover the cost.
    3) culture wonders: (Uffizi, Louvre, Broadway) these wonders are great to focus your culture and use those great persons without having to build a bunch scattered everywhere to get policies, raises your tourism and protects you from influence and unhappiness.

  5. A very nice summary! It of course depends on the game you play;- the common 6max speed MP is certainly different than a Deity Marathon run with culture spammers (say, Morocco, or Brazil) . Lowest priority wonders (the whole tourism load) in your games ( you forgot about the Hermitage, I believe…) become far more interesting there (and NewSwanStein quite good) , than in these ultra-aggressive PvP games on small maps. Still, Cristo, Pentagon, or Firewall remain crap, apart of course from the victory points you get. 😉

  6. I never seem to get Notre Dame, always enter Medieval on Theocracy then push into Education, I always seem to get Physics as one of the last Medieval techs… Not counting the water tech lines that I tend to ignore until I am close to finishing renaissance if not mid-industrial for oil.

  7. Awesome tutorial Robot!

    One problem, when I click the link to your spreadsheet my system just opens MY Google drive and nothing seems to DL… Don't use Google drive much so maybe I'm doing something wrong?

    Again thanks for the awesome tutorials, sure making a big difference in my games, even though I only play against the AI right now… 😀

  8. You give such detailed guides… I'm a casual player and about 70% of this goes over my head. Then again, I don't really play multiplayer, but just against comps (now on King difficulty).

  9. The Pentagon has one use and one use only for me: upgrading landsknechte to pillaging helicopter gunships in the late game, if I want to cripple an opponent by taking out luxuries and/or strategics like uranium and aluminium. With the honor-policy they actually are cheap enough to pay for themselves if they can pillage enough. It really works when promotion saving is on so you can get the extra movement promotions.

  10. I'm surprised that you think of Brandenburg as being less important if you go Autocracy. I would think that the goal of an Autocracy strategy would be to build up as highly-promoted of an army as possible.

    I've been trying to put together a really optimal strategy for the Zulu (they're a pet civ of mine, but I've never really been able to make them work the way I wanted them to), and I think Brandenburg is definitely part of that equation.

    Best I can figure, Honor (particularly for the adjacent friendly unit bonus, which synergizes nicely with the Buffalo promotion chain's improved flanking bonuses, and for the increased battle experience policy, which synergizes nicely with the Zulu's reduced promotion experience requirements), Alhambra+Brandenburg+Heroic Epic+Military Academy+Armory+Ikanda in one city, with the religion belief that allows you to purchase pre-Industrial units with faith, and then start faith-buying and building Impi as soon as you get Brandenburg and the Military Academy done, give 'em the whole Buffalo chain and whatever you want for the extra one (I favor medic because of the fact that you're supposed to be fighting in formation with them anyways), getting the Impi promoted further through war, and of course continuing to upgrade these Impi, so that by the late game, you have a hyper-promoted infantry force that moves faster than normal infantry and can't be beaten when it fights in formation.

  11. Regarding the Terracotta Army, considering any close opponent would be watching your capital, would building it for one turn in order to get the wonder on the map for the opponent to see be beneficial as he'd have to build up military units while you could focus on other tasks like building up your empire?

    In other words: fooling your opponent into believing you intend to invade him.

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