Charlamagne: Stupid Rappers Can Learn a Lot From Slim Jesus

– Slim Jesus (or Slim Judas, as some of you VladTV commentators like to call him): you either love him or hate him, but either way he’s winning by being honest about his…


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Charlamagne: Stupid Rappers Can Learn a Lot From Slim Jesus

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  1. Peep game now, the kids nothin… novelty act that nobody remembers or even gives a fuck about… yet vlad promotes the shit… think of what could’ve been if Vlad put up a REAL artist that’s brand new, that has some substance and timeless music… instead u wasted time with this moronic nonsense… smh

  2. Charlamagne is the type of nigga to give the new niggas a pass off nothing because he doesn't wanna be irrelevant. You hold any kind of true standards, people call you a "pissed off old head" and write you off. He's not tryna get written off.

  3. Even NWA said "We rap about what we see." So u might b a character in your song about people u know or see. But they rapped about real shit. Not cuz it sounded cool. Cuz it was real shit with dope rhymes. E was doing shit. I bet Cube seen that shit. Or knew motherfuckers like that. But Slim? Please…

  4. So what actually makes someone real? Could a dude be active like pulling licks, selling drugs, Be in the hood but not actually bang. In the eyes of the public, how would that person be seen? I know in todays day n age. U could do all that but when ppl find out you aint banging its like they lose some respect for you or you lose credibility.

  5. VLAD, more likely than not, a white American guy (not Milk Bone, even though I thought his album was dope and he was a fairly good rapper) will always get more views, more purchases / sales than any black American guy. Many rappers have said their lyrics ARE AKIN TO MOVIE SCRIPTS; i.e. JADAKISS / The Lox. WHO THE FUCK IN REAL HIP HOP EVER PAID ATTENTION TO "INSANE CLOWN POSSE" THAT'S SOME TYPICAL WHITE AMERICAN BOY SHIT TO SAY TO EVEN MENTION THEM IN THE SAME SENTENCE AD HIP HOP! ICE CUBE NEVER CLAIMED TO BE A GANG BANGER. ICE CUBE was just a HARD CORE RAPPER STORY TELLER with a great resonating scary voice. NWA/DR DRÉ NEVER CLAIMED TO BE GANGBANGERS! They always claimed they were reporting the stories of the streets. ONLY EAZY WAS A DRUG DEALER! VLAD, I'M YOUR AGE, AND I NEVER THOUGHT ANY OF RAP, NWA, GHETTO BOYS "Gangsta of Love", DJ QUIK, MOBB DEEP, WERE REAL GANGSTA KILLAZ! I'm noticing in you interviews Vlad, you're exposing yourself as an exploiter reporter of the culture who really doesn't know too many facts about it; i.e. didn't know NIGGAZ4LIFE, NWA's 2nd album came out before DEATH CERTIFICATE, ICE CUBE's SECOND ALBUM which contained NO VASELINE! And true to nature of a White American, tries to put White AS TOP BEST, i.e. Slim Jesus highest interview views than Charlemagne, etc. EMINEM, who stole his whole style as an amalgamation of Kool G Rap, Grand Puba and Treach, AS THE GREATEST MC EVER! Yeah, EM is good, shit, Redman is good, but he Redman nor Em could never eclipse the greatness of KRSONE or KOOL G RAP no matter how many people around the world who don't know shit about Hip Hop, and think ALL WHITE IS ALL RIGHT, buys Em's albums and fills his concert arenas.

  6. I kind of have to agree with Vlad on Cube. He doesn't talk about any of that stuff in third person so it's hard to argue that he's reporting on it. Still one of the all time greats though.

  7. It's because 80% of the people on Youtube are white. And you have a lot of young white kids on youtube. So naturally, they're going to listen to and follow a rapper who looks like them. No surprise that Slim Jesus blew up for a little bit . .until REAL gangstas started to check him.

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