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Chanel | Fall Winter 2014/2015 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive Video

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  1. What happened to these brands… When I was younger I was always mesmerized by their looks and their concepts. Why a supermarket? What's so elegant about it? This show looks like a charity auction for hand-me-down granny sweaters at target!! When I see clothes in supermarkets, I'm reminded of those cheap knock-offs that copied high end brands. Has Chanel taken inspiration from them???

  2. so boring i couldn't keep watching .. french brands became really bad when it comes to runway show i don't know how they think specially Chanel, a randomly walking hangover models in a grocery store .. really!

  3. Its difficult to make a runway show something out of the ordinary or new and fresh and I thought that the house of Chanel did a very good job at just that. Not unlike the fake protest they did in the streets of Paris for fall. I love the padlock inspired jewelry n bags. The shape of the dresses was down right disgusting though. The pant suits were quite nice. overall not a bad if not somewhat predictable collection.

  4. The grocery store runway would have been a cool and funky idea for a label like Moschino but has nothing to do with the elegance and chic Chanel is supposed to represent. Poor Coco, she would have never approved of pink leggings with holes in them.

  5. I can't believe i went from watching the 1997 Theirry Mugler haute couture runway to this crap… lifeless corpses walking in a super market like the mindless consumers we are/mindless sheep we're conditioned to become. . . 

    these clothes are dreadful. . . ugly… tacky… the models seem uncomfortable.. perhaps they were told to wear a dead expression and walk stiff? 

    I liked two of the hand bags… i'll get my mother one for her birthday next month… 

  6. The girl in purple walks like that because she has to walk with the theme of this collection – "Ghetto."  Coco Chanel is just screaming about this collection from somewhere out there!  RIP.

  7. One of the most ugliest collections Karl Lagerfeld has designed.  Chanel is suppose to be classy and chic, and the previous comments are definitely true.  I wonder what the financials of Chanel looked like after this presentation.  What a mess!

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