Celebrity Reflection Review – Full Walkthrough – Cruise Ship Tour – Celebrity Cruise Lines

To Book Call: (800) 414-1531 Website: This is a fully guided cruise ship tour on the celebrity reflection. It allows potential cruisers to …


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Celebrity Reflection Review – Full Walkthrough – Cruise Ship Tour – Celebrity Cruise Lines

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  1. Just got back celerbity reflection, the worst cruise ship we ever been on. The entertainment was awful. The pool bar was awful, not enough chairs for guest by pool, the food was great, ensemble bar was great,martini bar was good, but small, only 24 chairs, go royal

  2. Hello Jason                     I am in need of someone to help me in putting together a vacation.  I don’t have a travel agent or been in contact with any cruise lines just looking at their websites.  I have been watching your videos
    on YouTube and they are top notch, and very informative.  

    I have a few questions for you.  I have been researching the various Cruise Lines.  I want to take my wife and myself on our very first luxury cruise.  I was really looking into the AQUA, class. On the Reflection, and was looking at a Transatlantic Cruise.  Unless you have a better suggestion.
               Also is it better to do the Shore Excursions, through you or the ship.  Or do you even deal with these anylonger.  And are they as safe as the ships, example being the Excursion running late getting back to the ship on time and the ship leaving us behind.

                I want this to be a very special trip for the both of us.  Your video states that you can get our staterooms at a discount does this include the aqua class.  Also is it possible to get a Military Discount, I did twenty years in the United States Navy.

               Where else besides the Main dining room, and the buffet, can you eat and get soda or water in which is included in the cabin etc., (Neither one of us drink nor do we smoke.) and what is this “Go better Promotion” I heard about on a video I watched.  And is it included in the cost of the cabin.  The Mast grill is it a fee grill or is it also included in the cost of the cabin.

             Also I know this sounds like a stupid question but it needs to be asked, my wife loves Bingo, does Reflection have daily bingo games this is a must?  Along with the casino she enjoys the slots probably won’t see the wife till the end of the cruise (lol).

             I enjoy putt putt golf, but I didn’t see it on this ship maybe I was mistaken though, I did see the Croquet though I believe.

  3. When I walk onto a Celebrity ship, I am at home — but in luxury. The crew members are so kind and helpful. The beauty of the ship shines. Food and drink excel wonderfully. And the tours and entertainment sparkle.

    Heaven on planet Earth!

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