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Celebrity Gossip?

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  1. I have no specific hate towards any famous people, but I have a lot of disappointment for america for idolizing them. Can't stand the Kardashians, that crabcake-brain woman with 2 dozen kids, and every former child star picking at the law constantly because they can't figure out why they're not famous anymore (Dustin Diamond, Scott Baio, Drew Barymore- but she's better now). To the above mentioned, Bieber will hopefully straighten out in the next few years, Miley Cyrus is in direct control of her career, and have you met many gay people?! I'm gay myself, and suffer no shame in defending my social standards. About half of us are obnoxious and self-absorbed; humanitarian energy wasted.

  2. You Speak the Truth 😉
    Those in the USA & The World Give Fame to those that make this place a Worst Place but Beat Down those that are trying to Make this world a better Place 😉 Which is Just Sad 

  3. Kardashians.  all of 'em.  bcz they have no redeeming qualities and no reason to be famous except they have money and promote themselves.

    Positive = P!nk bcz she's a fighter and non-judgmental.

  4. I wish you had millions watching you because you talk such good sense.I have one complaint, for me you mumble your intro & I can't pick up exactly what you're saying.I'm fine as soon as you start but the intro defeats me everytime.Apart from that one minor problem I think you're videos top class.

  5. I am a musician, and my mother is an accountant for a few songwriters, and one of her clients wrote the song "Dark Horse" and Katy Perry sang it and no one in the department gave her credit publicly, and even though this isn't completely related to the topic, I feel that all these huge artists, whether it be musicians, actors, anyone who is idolized, none of them give credit when it is due, sadly. I see all of these people who are basically at the top of the food chain in terms of popularity, and most don't deserve it and not just because of their morality, but because they don't even make what they do. And that, above all, is what frustrates me with (most, but not all) celebrities.

  6. OMG I completely agree with you 100%. I also feel the same way about NBA players, they get millions of dollars to throw a fucking ball in a hoop, it's absolutely ridiculous! I believe that teachers should be getting this type of money. 

  7. Justin Bieber because just like you said he is a  asshole. No matter what he does because of his fame and money he gets away with it. I believe he thinks he is above the law and so far he is. I wish President Obama would have acted on the petition to deport him back to Canada. But in a way he helps the economy so the money he generates here gets him a pass from being deported. I would not buy his music if he had the number one song in the world. If I liked the song I would buy a cover of it. Good video Alex <3

  8. Justin Beiber, because he had it all and it was basically given to him. I mean, the boy had no talent whatsoever! He was cute when he was 14/15 and that's what his fans went for. He couldn't sing worth a crap,IMO! But, he threw it all away when he decided he was better than everyone else and became a total smart @$$! I hope he loses everything including his self worth! If there's anyone who doesn't deserve fame and fortune, it's HIM!

  9. Hmmm this video makes me think of certain vine famous people who said extremely homophobic things, and had their fans defend them fiercely despite any adequate apology or logical reason for them to do so …….. just pondering  

  10. Great video topic today Alex. You are very mature for your age. I don't really idolize, and follow celebrities,im too busy trying to have a decent life in this crazy culture.i don't really blame the celebrities,i blame their followers, they idolize them, and put them on a pedestal, and worship the hell out of them.people do this because their life isn't interesting enough.theyre like spectators in a crowd.the media knows this, because they sell more news when its about celebs,and gossip, and the important news like what's really going on in this world doesn't get reported. I'd have to say that duck dynasty homophobe is my least favorite celeb.

  11. micheal jackson… ppl were saying how much of a good father he was… Maybe when he wasnt lapsing into a coma from drug abuse. those poor kids…. so glad u mentioned duck die nasty too. kids want to rebel against the establishment ppl, so they wont be looking to idolizing real heros

  12. I dislike many celebrities but my least favorites are probably those who become famous for literally NO REASON and eventually turn out to be big assholes, honestly I don't feel like naming anybody we're on YouTube and people can get really upset when it comes to their favorite celebrities 😨 love you Alex! 😄❤️

  13. I really dislike Justin Bieber for the reasons you said.  As soon as he made it big, he totally forgot about his fans and turned into a druggie.  We should also honor the men and women who fight for our freedom, instead of the same old stars in every award show.  Also the gifting tent at award shows.  give those gifts to people who could use them instead of the stars that could easily afford to buy them.

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